Week 2 Tuesday Run

This is the first post on this blog.

My run was just over 5 miles as it was scheduled. 2nd week of the training to the race day. I actually have not registered as of yet. My mind was pretty much made up although part of me had wanted to wait and see how my long run went this past weekend. Last week I requested a form from the Long Beach Marathon folks and received a PDF formatted application by email, which I promptly printed. Since the last day to register online or by mail with the fee of $120 is August 31, I still have time to ‘financially commit’ while I must say I am physically and mentally already.

The first long run that I ran past Sunday was 12 miles and I think it went well. Because I had had an episode of my left knee acting up last week and gone out to buy another knee brace (I have already had one for my bad right knee) prior to the first long run during this committed training period, I was pretty satisfied with having no further episodes. Just in case I’ve included the photos of the knee braces that I am currently using. I’ve been using one of them for the last couple of years now, and recently I also started peak bagging and hiking in x-counry style, it has been instrumental in terms of preventing pain or discomfort from arising or recurring.

Futuro knee brace

Futuro knee brace

Two Futuro knee braces

Two Futuro knee braces

The following is the data collected on MapMyRun on this run. I must say that I love the website, which has been around for quite sometime and I used for my first full marathon and the half at the Duke City Marathon 5 and 4 years ago. Since then, the MapMyRun iOS app has come a long way in the midst of competition against all the smartphone apps, such as Strava, Nike+ Move, Runtastic, etc., but lately through its recent upgrade, it looks fancy as it can get. And I am sticking to it.

5.14 miles and the average pace was 7:28 (7 minutes and 28 seconds per mile). What surprised me the most was the elapsed time that I had, which is 7:13 for the 2nd mile and is pretty darn good in spite of the fact that it was mostly uphill, an almost 20 feet gain. Also, if you look toward the end  of the run (from 3.78 to 4.48 mile marks) too, it is an uphill with an over 40 feet gain, and yet I didn’t lose much of the momentum, although both gains are not a whole lot, especially compared to the last Sunday’s 12-mile run where an elevation gain from Venice Blvd to Pico Blvd was an about 120 feet gain. That run slowed me down quite a bit, let alone the fact that it was virtually a new neighborhood where I had never run before.

Screen shot 2014-08-13 at 11.52.33 PM

Time, elevation and pace

Screen shot 2014-08-13 at 11.52.13 PM

Quick summary of the run











More runs to do. However, for this Thursday, it is a small run. Stay tuned.


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