Week 2 Thursday Run

Today was a good day. The day began with the sun high in the sky, and the blue sky couldn’t be bluer this morning. And when I came home and stepped out for today’s short run , I was all pumped. I was so ready. It was one of those days. I was ready to kick ass.

Screen shot 2014-08-14 at 9.14.17 PM

Because I knew that it was going to be a short run, I wanted to sprint a bit. And I didn’t take the usual take-it-easy-for-the-1st-mile approach and sprinted quite a bit. As you can see the pace for the 1st mile is 7:12, which is pretty good, and it is at least 15 seconds faster than my usual pace. And then for the 2nd mile, it it’s even faster at 7:04. Truthfully this is the fastest pace I’ve ever run on, if my memory serves me well.

Screen shot 2014-08-14 at 9.14.40 PM

The overall ascent was just under 50 feet, and my pace was rather consistent, being all under 7:15. Of course, when I run 13 miles this Sunday, I don’t plan to run it like I did today, nor do I desire. Like I said above, I knew it was going to be a short run. So, I wanted to turn this supposedly 3 mile easy run into a strenuous sprint run to see how far I could push myself. Especially when I know that I am going to hike for 20 plus miles this Saturday with an 8,000 – 9,000 feet elevation gain, it’ll be a good workout for my quads and that today’s run would be the last one before the Sunday’s 13-mile long run, I wanted to make it short and sweet. And sweet it was! Average pace was at 7:09. That’s a pretty good progress.

I noticed something new earlier today when I turned on my MapMyRun app to record today’s run. And that is a gear track feature. I screen captured a couple of shots of the default screen, and the feature sits right below Live Tracking. This particular feautre has been available on the website but not on the iOS app. So, I had to input the data manually every time when I was done. Honestly, it was rather annoying. Now it’s in your phone, too.


Once you tap on it, the next screen shows either a list of your gear, such as running shoes, or you can manually select one or add. Gel Kayano 19 is a Asics model, which I thoroughly enjoy. This particularly pair came to my attention when I went to one of the RoadRunner stores last year, and it was most comfortable shoes that I tried out.


And it shows how many miles I’ve got on them – 225.0 miles. Sweet.

Screen shot 2014-08-14 at 9.59.14 PM

One last note. It is kind of funny that I actually got an email from MapMyRun about the shoes.

Screen shot 2014-08-14 at 10.45.29 PM

So, my first day of running in those shoes was August 10, 2013, which is 1 year and 4 days ago. Still ‘ideally’ I have 75 miles to rack up on this pair, but I think they are holding up pretty well, except for the heels that have gotten worn out a bit, but what shoes don’t?

It is a bit amusing to see that it is ‘powered’ by Zappos, and there’s also a Replace shoes button. You know what kind of products Zappos became successful with? That’s right. Shoes.

Stay tuned for this Sunday’s 13-mile run.

Do you have any stories to share? What kind of apps do you use to keep track of your runs? What kind of running shoes do you put on and how many miles do you have on them? You can always share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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