Week 2 Sunday Run

Because of yesterday’s 20-mile hike with an over 8,200 feet ascent, I was rather concerned about today’s planned long run. Particularly, I had planned 13 miles but realized that 14 miles would be more appropriate, considering the amount of time left – 8 weeks. And especially, I didn’t start early, like at least 3 1/2 or 4 months (14-16 weeks) prior to the race day, so I feel rather time crunched to rack up as many miles as I can. Of course, I’ve been hiking every weekend, and they are usually more than 20 miles easily on each hike, so it is not like I have not built my endurance level to a prerequisite level. Having said that, I had two things that I noticed during today’s run.

Screen shot 2014-08-17 at 11.19.37 PMThe first one is how I felt during the 9th mile section. I was running through the Venice Beach Boardwalk, which I knew would be less crowded at the time of running, and I was flying through the boardwalk. The average pace was 7:44. I really felt great at that particularly moment, as if I could go on like that forever. Then, the inevitable ensued. Not too long after turning the corner into Washington Blvd, I literally felt that my energy was dropping significantly. And as you can see, the average pace for the 10th mile was dreadful, which was 8:05, and it was the beginning of the decline in pace.

Somehow the elevation information is not generated on this run (some kind of technical glitch), so I can’t show you visually, but my 4th and 5th miles were slowed down because it was all uphill battles with a significant amount of elevation gain (max. 176 feet). Then, I recovered the pace after the 5th, but after the 9th, it was quite unproductive.

The other thing I noticed was that I drank the Gatorade that I brought with me but it wasn’t enough, and it wasn’t helping much. I need something more substantial to boost my energy. I used to carry a couple of packets of Gu Energy Gels, but since it’s been over 4 years and we literally have a plethora of products to choose from, I’ll have to do some research. Especially, as far as glycogen is concerned, probably every product has similar amounts anyway, so, the question that I should be asking is how can I ensure optimal fueling not only on training days but also ultimately on the race day.

Screen shot 2014-08-17 at 11.19.19 PM

For the fun of it, I went back and retrieved the old training logs saved on MapMyRun.com. One of them was on July 25, 2010, when I was training for the Duke City Marathon in Albuquerque, NM. Of course, there’s over a quarter mile difference, but that can be easily ignored for the bigger picture. Also, please, ignore the amount of calorie burn for today because I did not update my weight before the run, so 1,736 calories can’t be accurate.

Screen shot 2014-08-17 at 11.51.16 PM

However, the difference in duration is huge! 19 minutes!!! Like I said, please, ignore the difference of 0.34 miles in distance. Even that was factored in, it would not had made a huge difference in terms of pace anyway. So, I am doing well considering the fact that I am 4 years and 24 days older. Let’s hope that I can keep up.

Stay tuned for the next run. It will be a 4-mile easy run after a day of break. Thanks for reading.

Do you have any fun stories to share when you look back at the old training logs? Any tips to share in terms of boosting energy level? You can always share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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