Strength Training

Now I know where I stand in terms of how far I am in order to qualify for the Boston Marathon, I’ve started looking at my training from a more methodical and structured way. Of course, my training still involves many miles on weekly basis, but in order to run faster I must spend my rest time on nonimpact cross-training or strength building workouts.

And the more I look into how to improve my running, the more I read about core exercises and lower-body workouts. So, here they are – core muscles and quads, glutes and hamstrings.

Core – planks, push-ups, crunches

Supposedly, strong core muscles are crucial to run faster. Maybe lanky and lean, but not weak. I really like that concept. As a matter of fact, when you have strong core, your whole body moves faster because it is a solid muscle and also helps avoid injury as well.

Lower-body – bodyweight squats, single-leg deadlifts, single-leg squats

Like I noted above, the whole purpose of doing these workouts is to strengthen quads, glutes and hamstrings so that my legs don’t get tired as quickly as they would normally when I go run marathons and ultimately the Boston Marathon in 2016.

Overall, today’s session was short but very effective. I felt my glutes, quads and hamstrings engage while doing all the lower-body workouts.  Tomorrow I will run 4 miles. And then, climb stairs to strengthen the same muscles as lunges and squats would while having my lungs and heart work quite a bit. This plyometric exercise would help increase strength and power because it is working against gravity, like hiking uphills, and  I need to gain a lot more of strength and power to get my pace faster to run under 3:15:00. Since the BAA will let the faster runners register first, hence, I need to not only run under 3:15:00 but also maybe even a lot faster than that to qualify in order to increase my chance to qualify.

A quick update. I had been thinking about running the 2015 Big Sir Marathon, and finally I got around to check it this morning. Unfortunately, the full marathons are sold out. I was quite surprised because the registrations for all the major races are not even open yet. The registration for the 2015 Los Angeles Marathon opens on October 1. I’ll definitely run that one to see the improved result from this October to next March.

Do you work on your core and lower-body as often as you run? What is your favorite core and/or lower-body workouts? Are you one of the lucky lottery winners for the Big Sir Marathon next year? Have you already registered for it? Are you waiting for the 2015 LA Marathon registration?


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