Pocket Fuel is here – 6.48 Miles

Pocket Fuel has arrived!

One of my favorite topics – energy gels! Based on quick research, Pocket Fuel is one of the favorite energy gels of either runners, trail runner or endurance sports athletes, such as triathletes and cyclists. Ben from BenGreenfeldFitness.com, which is one of the blogs that I came across not too long ago, talks about 12 fat-based alternatives to popular sugar-based sports energy gels out there, and Pocket Fuel definitely stood out.

pocket fuel  1My usual supplement store the Vitamin Shoppe didn’t have Pocket Fuel when I checked it and left me with no choice but to go shop at the ever popular megastore Amazon. Another Ben’s favorite was Justin’s Nut Butter, but Amazon didn’t have it.

pocket fuel  2  pocket fuel  3

According to Evelin from Evelinruns.com, Pocket Fuel Naturals was founded by athletes for athletes in OR, 2010. Mark Ribkoff, Heidi Robkoff and Rod Parmenter believed that there must be a way to fuel performance with a natural whole food based product, instead of typical sugar based, such as Gu and PowerBar. Basically what they came up with is nut butter based, which is supposed to be healthy, tasty as well as portable (which I will find out soon enough… because on REI bad reviews on Pocket Fuel are generally due to its not-so-easy accessibility… for instance, it seems to be hard to squeeze the content out of the container). They have a selection of quite fancy flavors to choose from: Crunch Banana Blueberry, Chunky Coconut Cherry, Chocolate Espresso, Chia Goji & Honey, Pineapple Coconut, Chocolate Smackroon, Chocolate Haze, Vanilla Haze, and I got myself Chia Goji & Honey as you can see in the photos.

pocket fuel  4  Pocket Fule  5

It contains 45mg of Sodium, 163mg of Potassium and 11g of carb. Its serving size (Net Weight of 1.8 oz) is about 2, so it isn’t a lot when I compare this to the the pack of PowerGel that I had last Monday. However, it has 6g of Protein (PowerGel has none) and 5g of Sugars (which is technically a quarter of what’s in a PowerGel pack in terms of serving size).

Where it shines is the the ingredients, and they are all natural – dry roasted almonds, honey, chia seeds, goji berries, sunflower oil, natural vanilla and sea salt.

How more natural can it be? Seriously.

I can’t wait to try this fuel gel this Saturday morning when I go for a 17 mile run.

Screenshot 2014-08-28 21.35.23

Today’s short run was carried out with high intensity in mind. And the average pace was 7:28. I am getting there. Once again 7:26 is the target.

Screenshot 2014-08-28 21.36.15

As you can see, I had the first couple of miles in a faster pace. After that, I kept reminding myself of the 80/20 method to try not to push myself. And, my theory is that as long as I can pace myself throughout short and longer (than 6.6 miles) runs with the current pace that I have got going, I will eventually be able to keep the same pace or faster (due to the adrenalin rush on the race day) and reach my goal, which is running under a 7:26 pace.

I really think that monitoring the progress is quite important in that I must know where I am in terms of pace so that I know what I am supposed to do to improve. At this moment, I need to work more on strength training, so I am going back to the gym tomorrow. I will have a clearer view this Saturday as to where I stand.

What are your favorite energy gels? Have you tried Pocket Fuel? Which flavor and what make you pick Pocket Fuel over other brands?

Thanks for reading.


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