Morning Run – 6.50 Miles

After two days of resting, I’ve decided to get up early to run.

photo 5

Today’s run was a short run, but I wanted to make sure that I got up early enough to run around the similar time when I would be running the Long Beach Marathon. Of course, the temperature would drop and the sun would rise later on October 12th, but at least it was a good indication of what it would be like to get up for the run early, get my body ready and get my feet moving.

Screenshot 2014-09-03 20.29.05

Since a 18 mile run is scheduled this Saturday, I will have another run tomorrow morning so that I can have a day of resting the day before.

Screenshot 2014-09-03 20.29.20

Today, my goal was to keep my pace under 7:30. However, I didn’t want to have my energy wasted from the start, so I began my run slowly, which resulted in a pace of 7:38 for the first mile. However, as you can see, I ended up speeding through most of the run and kept the pace under 7:30. Well, that is till 6th mile mark.

Tomorrow morning I’ll run 8 miles. Based on the previous 7.89 mile run in Monthly Recap, I should be running faster than a pace of 7:48. But, when I looked at the splits of the run time closely, it is quite amazing how slowly I was running, compared to now. Just less than a month ago.

Screenshot 2014-09-03 20.40.28

On that day (August 7th), I never ran under a 7:30 pace in every mile split, although on the 6th mile, it was close enough (7:32). Overall, it was a 7:48 pace run, and I hope that I would be definitely running faster than this. Let’s see how much progress I have made in just less than a month.

How was your post-Labor Day run? Are you making any progress? Are you on the pace that you want?

Thank you for reading.


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