Dehydrated – 13.06 Miles

The view from the Venice Beach Boardwalk was awesome.

photo 1

But don’t let the awesome view fool you for the rising temperature. It is certainly cooler by the beach. But toward 12 and 13 mile marks, which is about 4 miles away from the beach, it got too hot for me, and I had to cut it short. Disappointing. Very.

Screenshot 2014-09-06 12.56.32

My plan was to run 18 miles. And I began my run at a slower pace, seriously keeping it a lot slower than usual, considering the whole 18 miles would be a lot to cover and that I didn’t want to be exhausted at the end. Although part of me was a bit worried about the heat in the later part of the morning, I didn’t think it was going to be this hot (or hot enough for runners), not thinking about how much I actually sweat. I checked the temperature when done, and it was 73 degrees. Of course, it isn’t really hot (and as of writing this post, it is 79 degrees), but I could tell that my body was definitely exhausting energy a lot faster by running in the sun at a higher temperature.

Screenshot 2014-09-06 12.56.46

Especially on my way back it is a very gradual and yet 71 feet elevation gain uphill stretch over 40 minutes. With the sun with no clouds I was getting dehydrated a lot faster than I imagined, which resulted in making frequent stops to drink fluid.

Based on how dehydrated I got on the last long run with not much of fluid, this time I brought about 50 oz. of Gatorade, divided in a tall bottle and 4 flasks). I drank the tall bottle and 2 flasks of Gatorade by the time I decided to cut it short. But I was so thirsty, I finished the remaining flasks at the spot. And it still didn’t help get rid of the thirst. So, when I got home, I drank a whole lot more.

In terms of energy gels, I took a different approach this time. I brought Pocket Fuel, Clif Shot and Gu Energy Gel with me and took them every half hour, starting with the Pocket Fuel. It is something that I adapted from one of the hardcore trail runners’ Dos and Don’ts, and I think he had a point on taking the energy boosters early and frequently.

The Pocket Fuel was still too dry and thick to swallow, so I distributed the intakes in small portions throughout the first hour (one good thing about having a cap) and finished the Gu Energy Gel just after 1:30 mark (while saving the last packet for the last half hour thinking that I would run the whole 18 miles).

I think that it worked better this time in terms of sustaining the energy level. Only problem was that I couldn’t benefit from it a whole lot more for the last half hour due to the fact that I was getting dehydrated too quickly.

Overall, it is a rather disappointing run, but the lesson I learned today is that I will have to be a lot more diligent about my training. 5 weeks left. I hope today’s mistake helps me prepared better for the race day.

How did your run go today? Hope you didn’t make any mistakes of running later in the heat like I did. 

Thank you for reading.


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