7 Miles, Challenges and Apple Watch

I didn’t run this morning, so I went for a run as soon as I got home from work.

Screenshot 2014-09-09 22.00.22

I toyed with the idea of running 12 miles up to the minute I began running but chose not to. Instead, I ran 7 miles and decided to run the longer miles probably Thursday morning. I’m saving tomorrow morning for strength training.

Screenshot 2014-09-09 20.32.39

I was able to keep the pace that I wanted – 7:24. However, the splits are still not that promising yet. The slowest pace was 7:44, and I must keep reminding myself of 7:30 during the run… although it won’t be still that easy, based on tonight’s paces for the last 4 miles – 7:44, 7:39, 7:35 and 7:34.

Screenshot 2014-09-09 20.32.54

In terms of energy gels, I took a packet of PowerGel, and it felt like it started working. To a degree. Since the last long run, I’ve decided to take it as early and often as I can (mostly because I have very fast metabolism), and tonight I took the half of it probably only 20 something minutes in, and then the rest after the 6 mile mark. Although I think it is working, it is too early to tell. I am definitely running 19 miles this Saturday. My goal is to keep my pace under 7:45. Let’s see if I benefit from my approach.

I am not a big fan of ‘challenges.’ But these challenges certainly motivate me to a degree.

Screenshot 2014-09-09 21.16.28

C9 by Champion. Only 4 days left though.

And I’ve just joined another new challenge.

Screenshot 2014-09-09 21.28.19

Only thing that I can’t do is cycling on this challenge (unless riding a cycling machine at the gym counts). I don’t know how to substitute that. But then again, it isn’t like I do this to really compete. This is sort of a reminder that others like myself out there training as hard as I do. Yes, it is just that. A reminder.

Screenshot 2014-09-09 21.57.48

And the last but not the least – Apple Watch.

Apple introduced several products today at the annual keynote event, including iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but my eyes were fixed on the only one thing – Apple Watch. Nope. It’s not called iWatch. It is with a simple Apple logo and a word watch – Apple Watch. And based on the film that Apple put together, it feels like I may not need MapMyRun app anymore. Of course, it won’t be available till early 2015, and I have not fully made my mind up that I would be buying one yet considering the fact that its starting price is $349.

Let’s focus on qualifying for the Boston Marathon first, shall we?

How is your running coming along? Have you signed up for any of these challenges? How is your challenge coming along? Are you impressed by Apple Watch? Are you planning to buy one?

Thank you for reading.


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