18 Miler and Strength Training Results


It was a 18 mile run day. And I really prepared all day for this run. Of course, my backpacking trip next week, leaving tomorrow morning, made me busy all day as well (researching the trails, downloading maps and gpx files, and also prepping meals for at least 4 days, possibly 5 days). So, it was quite a busy day. But, I consciously focused on the amount of carbs that I was taking since last night. I made sure that I ate a lot. And also the energy gels right before and during the run. Every 15 minutes.

Screenshot 2014-09-13 23.11.16

And today, from the start, I decided to take time.

Screenshot 2014-09-13 23.11.57

I knew running 18 miles would be taxing on my body for more than 2 hours, so I seriously let it go with the flow. If I felt good, I ran a little bit fast. I felt my legs were a bit tired, then I slowed down.

Screenshot 2014-09-13 23.12.25

My focus was on the lower-body that was supposed to benefit from the last few days of concentrated workouts, and I am glad that I’ve started seeing the results. Maybe it is still too quick to say that, but now I’ve got only 4 weeks left to the d-day, and it is about time to start seeing the results, in fact.

I got sort of sidetracked when I got off Jefferson Blvd. I had meant to avoid the uphill around the 8.3 mile mark shown in the map above, so I had purposely mapped it out by taking Jefferson and veering right to stay on it, but by the time that I realized that I was not and was running up the hill, it was sort of too late to turn around. So, I stayed on Sepulveda till it met Manchester and then turned right to get on Lincoln Blvd.

I knew it would be another dark night run, so I brought my head lamp this time , which aided me at more than several spots where it would’ve been completely dark to see even an inch before me.

My legs were holding up pretty well till close to 15 mile mark. My breathing was good throughout in spite of the uphill because I really didn’t push myself hard today. My goal for tonight was to complete this 18 miler, so that I can move on to 19 miles or even 20 miles next weekend.


Once I am in the wilderness during the backpacking trip, I won’t be able to log in nor update my blog, other than tracking myself on my phone. Certainly it’ll prevent me from racking up more miles during the week, but hiking more than 13-17 miles a day with a backpack on my back in the wilderness, I think it will be great for mental health as well as strengthening my lower-body and core.

How’s your weekend going? Did you do your weekend run, or is that tomorrow? Hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend and next week.

Thank you for reading.


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