Waterfront bike path run – 20 miles

Today’s run was a 20 miler.

Screenshot 2014-09-21 16.36.41

I had a few moments where I just wanted to give it up, but I kept pushing myself and eventually when I reached about 16 miles, I knew I could get this done. There were two things that I was able to push myself by. 1. considering how much effort I have put in up to this point, the idea of just dropping everything seems to be just plain waste of my life, and 2. this blog.

It is my commitment to the progress that I said I was going to make, and if you have been following, I just can’t stop running or blogging about it. Boston Marathon qualifier. And it doesn’t come for free. I must put effort into achieving it. I may not be able to make as much progress I would like to make, but nonetheless, it is my progress, and I will keep making it till my goal is reached.

Screenshot 2014-09-21 16.38.12

I started somewhere between Abbot Kinney Blvd. and Lincoln Blvd. on Venice Blvd., which is close enough to the beach bike path. Although the path is created for bikers, it is mostly shared by bikers, runner, rollerbladers and/or walkers. Also, today there was apparently a small race that shared some section of the bike path.


My start time was 6:31 am, which was early enough to simulate the Long Beach Marathon, but for the next two long runs before the race I will make sure to start at 6 am.

The improvement was definitely the average pace, which was 8:05 min/mi. I actually went to the gym yesterday to work on the core and lower-body strength. I really think that it is paying off slowly but surely. Of course, as I noted on the last post, I was out of town, backpacking for a few days. The 4-day hike with 60 plus miles surely involved long distance walking, and I’d like to believe that it was part of strength training. However, due to the heavy pack weight that I carried, my right knee was certainly not happy about it. Thankfully, it was not an issue for today’s run, so it is safe to say that the knee pain during the backpacking trip was solely due to the heavy pack weight.

And also, I think that taking energy gels every 15 minutes or so is helping me keep the pace. it gives a bit of jolt, if you will, and it is nice to keep it coming whenever I can get.

Screenshot 2014-09-21 17.17.36

I was able to keep the pace under 8:00 min/mi till the end of the 11th mile.

Screenshot 2014-09-21 17.17.56

Then, it started falling behind 8:00 min/mi, and eventually a couple of times over 9:00 min/mi. However, overall, it was a great run. I loved the fact that it was pretty much overcast all morning, or at least during the run, and the sun barely came out when it did. I think I sweated quite a lot at first and that is why I got dehydrated a little bit, but drinking Gatorade whenever possible helped me stay out of big trouble.

The race is now exactly 3 weeks away, and I will have to squeeze in at least a couple of long runs, thinking probably a 22 miler and a 24, before the race day. And I will keep working on strength. 3:15 is the time I must run under.

How was your week? Have you made good progress this week? Did you have your run today?

Thank you for reading.


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  1. HS says :

    Truly motivational!


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