Unfinished distance – 8.92 miles

It really hurts when you trip and almost sprain your ankle!


Today’s run went pretty good from the start. I felt it was going to be a good 12 or 13 mile run. Although I run more often in the evening than early in the morning, it has some downsides. For instance, there are still many pedestrians on the sidewalks. The origin of the problem is that they think they own them. So, runners must navigate the bottle neck of pedestrians, like a group of people who just walked out of, say, a restaurant and are still congregating in front of the restaurant. They are literally blocking the sidewalk. Not only do other pedestrians walk around them but also runners try to avoid any kind of collision with either one. I am not saying that runners have the right of the way. But, also, the attitude of those who don’t know how to share the sidewalks is quite irritating. And I had one of those infuriating moments tonight.

The other downside of running late is that some parts of the sidewalks are completely dark with no street lights shed. I try to stay clear of those parts of the streets or bring my head lamp, but tonight I forgot about the head lamp. And I should’ve been more careful about this, but it was so instant when it happened.

Screenshot 2014-09-24 22.26.21

What was disappointing was that I kept the average pace pretty well as I was approaching the 9 mile mark. Yes, it was over 7:40 min/mi already but I knew I could keep up for another 3-4 miles without getting exahusted, and that would’ve been not bad at all. Instead, I tripped and fell. That really hurt.

Screenshot 2014-09-24 22.26.32

Once the pain subsided, I got up and ran for less than a half mile, but I knew that the left ankle was weak although there was no pain while running.


I came home and put a Ziploc bag of ice on my ankle. I didn’t badly sprain it, so I don’t think it’ll become a problem for either the race or a Whitney hike this Sunday. Of course, I am also planning to run 22 miles this Saturday morning, so let’s hope that this will go away as quickly as possible.

Have you ever badly injured so that you couldn’t run a race or missed a hike? Part of me is slightly worried, and it may need a few extra days for the ankle to regain the strength so that it can support the body weight again. One more reason to go very light on this Sunday’s Whitney hike. Hope you guys are injury free while training. 

Thanks for reading.


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