Recovery run – 6.37 miles

It was time to see if my sprained ankle was healed enough to take on challenge.


I stepped out with a new pair of shoes on – Salomon SpeedCross 3. They are trail running shoes, actually quite popular among trail runners (and well reviewed). I decided on the aspect that they are light and that I can wear them for hiking (and I am considering for backpacking as well at the moment), like a couple of hiking friends do as well as other hikers I ran into on the trail. And not too long ago what this particular hiker with whom I conversed about them said cemented my decision. She felt so comfortable in them that she actually ran a marathon in them. I was sold.


My main goal for today’s run was to make sure that my sprained and yet healing left ankle was strong enough to hold up while running 2-3 miles. But once I started running, I realized that not only was the ankle going to take it but also I could run farther, which in fact I did – 6 1/4 miles.

Screenshot 2014-09-28 12.48.38

However, a bit of mild discomfort in the bottom of my left foot made me stop as I was crossing the 6.3 mile mark. I didn’t want to cause further damage and somehow complicate my current sprained ankle situation, so I completely stopped running and walked back home. Somehow the idea of lack of sole support crossed my mind.


The light grey/black insole on the left is an OrthoLite one that came with my Salomon SpeedCross 3, which is very light and bendy. I can literally roll it up. It has no sturdiness that I have had with the other insole although it may have enough cushioning. It even feels very cheaply made.

The black one on the right is a FootBalance insole, which I got customized at RoadRunner over a year ago when I got my Asics Gel Kayano 19, on which I have currently 311 miles. Apparently, the life cycle for the shoes is supposed to end at 300 miles, like I mentioned here. The material is very hard from the heel to the midpoint, which gives excellent support and the rest is soft but still not as bendy as the OrthoLite one.


They call it 100% Custom Footbeds, according to their website. Now that I am used to this, I wonder if it is the main reason why either my left foot is sore or I had a bit of discomfort in the bottom of my left foot, which is now causing me to limp a bit.


I know that SuperFeet is quite popular among my hiking friends. A friend feels so comfortable on them that she has 3 pairs. This could be an option to explore as an alternative since FootBalance insoles are rather expensive, if I remember it correctly. SuperFeet Green Premium Insole is sold at $39.95 before shipping and taxes on their website. On it is $2 cheaper although it is also sold by SuperFeet. According to their ‘Find a store’ feature, Road Runner Sports isn’t one of the retailers that carries their products. Sport Chalet does. However, it appears that SuperFeet Carbon Carbon Insole may serve better for my running.

Further research is required, as in going into the stores and try them on. Also, I may end up replacing my Asics with another pair of running shoes, rather than this Salolon SpeedCross 3, which I can dedicate to hiking and backpacking since I have only 2 weeks left to the race day.

I still need an extra pair of good insoles, or two. I also remember hearing at Road Runner that this custom insoles mostly last for about a year. Since it’s been already over a year, I may end up replacing the FootBalance Max as well. Especially I have a membership with them anyway, might as well, just go in and get myself another pair. Easy breezy.


I like running through Downtown Culver City. Particularly when it is early in the morning. I get to see this Dancing Lion, which I see almost every day on my way to work and back. It makes me feel like dancing while running.

How was your run this weekend? I hope you had no injuries so far. If you did, was that related to insoles or shoes? Or simply spraining your ankles or knees? How did you get that under control?

Thanks for reading.


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