Recovery progress report #2


I’ve been focusing on healing my left foot for quite some time now. And today actually marked exactly a month, since I got injured. Of course, I started seeing a significant improvement over 1 1/2 weeks ago, but I didn’t want to rush anything. Part of me was not convinced that my foot was really ready to hit the pavement, and as I wrote it in the previous post, being able to run on the treadmill at a slower pace wasn’t good enough. However, walking up and down the stairs seemed fine. So, I decided to go hiking this past Saturday – Skyline Trail.


And it went great. I was very careful with how my left foot landed on most of my steps, but overall I didn’t have major problems with my foot in terms of hiking up the trail. It turns out that it was my leg cramps that were the problem toward the end of the hike, which was primarily caused by lack of salt and not having been able to hike for 3 1/2 weeks.


I enjoyed the view of Palm Springs and the desert. It was just great to be back in nature again.

Today I want to touch upon what has helped my left foot have seen the progress as quickly as it has.

First, a pair of my deeply trusted FootBalance insoles (the black one on the right in the picture below).


Not only have I been walking in my running shoes that I was only using for running in the past due to sole support, but also I used the insoles in my hiking boots. I am making sure that my left foot gets excellent sole support. And I am planning on getting another pair. As I am wearing them every day, they are getting worn.

Next, the plantar fasciitis sock – Feetures plantar fasciitis sleeve.

51fv3y59jbLI’ve been wearing this ever since I got it from one of the Road Runner stores. It is like a compression brace for your foot. Based on the reviews on Amazon I came across, it was a 50/50 chance. For me, I think that it is better than not wearing one. It stays on my foot all day and night, except when it must come off.


The next help that I got was one of those Foot Rubz balls. I’ve been massaging the bottom of my left foot, specifically the arch, whenever and wherever I could – home or at work.


I think that massaging my foot with this ball has been one of the crucial home remedies that resulted in this rather speedy recovery. At first, I just focus on the arch and roll the ball around right underneath the arch. However, once I get that rubbed enough and feel that the area is quite tender enough, I move my foot around against the ball in a wider diameter and have each corner of the bottom of my foot from the heel to the sides to the forefoot and toes rubbed against the ball.


And then while doing planks, my feet are constantly stretched.


Also, while doing pushups.

feet stretching

And, the feet stretching also helps grow strength in the arches.


And last but not least. I massage the foot with an iced water bottle underneath my foot when I come home after a long walk, such as hiking. I actually did this massage a lot in the beginning, but once I replaced it with the ball, I apply this remedy only after my foot is really sore or tired, which prevents my foot from being inflamed.


And, as of this morning, I was able to run on the treadmill for 10 minutes, and this time it was a lot faster. Still, it is at the 8:41 min/mile pace, but it felt pretty good.

I am very glad that certainly the progress is being made. I hope that I would be able to run in the street some time next week.

Were you or are you injured? How did you or are you remedying it? How long did it take or has it been taking?

Thanks for reading.


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