Surf City Marathon training ready – 7 miles


Surf City Marathon. Here I come.

For the past week, I was quite busy at work with long hours almost every day, however, part of me kept reminding myself that I have to run. I brought my usual running outfit to work and actually ran over 2 miles on a lunch break one day, however, that was about it. Although I was glad that my left foot again didn’t have a problem, I was quite anxious to have a longer run on this weekend because the Surf City Marathon was 2 1/2 months away.

So, yesterday I stepped out, aiming for about 7 miles, and it was going to be a long run for the first time since the injury.

It has cooled down lately, mostly high of mid-60s, and it was overcast, so it was a perfect day to go for a run even later in the morning. By the time I stepped out though, the sun came out of the clouds, and it was slightly warmer than my liking, but overall, it was quite pleasant to run. I knew it was about time to test how far my left foot was able to hold up. And I have a lot of minutes to cut out, in particular, to qualify for both Boston Marathon and New York City Marathon.

Screenshot 2014-11-16 09.13.37

I didn’t pay attention much to my pace most of the time. I was just glad that I was able to run. I did pay attention to my left foot and the cadence, however. It was pretty much what I was expecting in terms of the healing progress. It isn’t 100% healed but can handle 7 miles. So, I safely can conclude that the home remedy that I’ve been applying is working, and since it is working, I will be continuing to do so.

Screenshot 2014-11-16 09.14.24

For my cadence, I am attempting to make a transition from my usual steps to a lot smaller steps and yet more steps per minute. In other words, I am  increasing the amount of steps per minute, which in theory would result in a faster pace. I talked a bit about it here. And my aim would be between 160-170 steps. I didn’t measure how many steps I had per minute this time, but I’ll keep monitoring it and see how it really impacts on the overall pace and time. Since I have 2 1/2 months left and am about to start my training, I might as well try out this new technique. Especially when the qualifying time for the NYC Marathon for my age bracket is 17 minutes faster than the Boston’s (3:15). It is time to gear up and see how far I can push myself.

I’m going to create a schedule for the next 11 weeks, mainly focusing on the increase of pace by changing my cadence. And I’ll of course revisit the schedule about at the half way point to reevaluate my status and see what more I can do at the point. And, foremost, I will make sure that no injuries ever happen again.

Are you running the Surf City Marathon? How’s your training going?

Thanks for reading.


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