10.42 mile run 2 months prior Surf City Marathon

10.42 miles with a few raindrops on my shoulders

It was a long mile run day. 11 miles. Because I sort of skipped a 4 mile run prior to this, by doing a strenuous hike on the day after Thanksgiving, which involved a 5,500 plus  feet elevation gain with close to 20 miles, part of me was quite anxious to see if I could run more than 10 miles without having a plantar fasciitis relapse because the Surf City Marathon is coming whether or not I am ready.

10.42 miles with a few raindrops on my shoulders

Once again, my main focus was;

  • to make sure that my left foot could hold up, and
  • to increase my cadence throughout the run

10.42 miles with a few raindrops on my shoulders

After the usual 6.35 mile mark, I continued down on Culver Blvd. till I hit Inglewood Blvd. I made a right turn there and then ran back up via Washington Blvd. It looks like I kept the pace pretty well till 8 mile mark. But once I turned into Inglewood Blvd., it was a gradual uphill climb from that point on, which was an about 64 feet gain, so my pace suffered.

10.42 miles with a few raindrops on my shoulders

Overall it went alright in terms of making a comeback on my normal pace. I briefly compared this to the run with the similar distance (10.49 miles) recorded over 1 1/2 months ago, and it looked like my pace got back to the pre-injury pace at 7:29. Back then, I ran all the way down to Venice Beach and back, so there was more of elevation loss and gain to deal with. So, technically, today’s 7:28 pace isn’t much of progress in terms of running faster. Nonetheless, I am glad that I am back on track.


Once I was done, I smelled the roses. It was a good day for the run in the cooler temperature. Even a few raindrops on my head and shoulders felt great.

Now, to the Surf City Marathon race day, I’ve got exactly 2 months left. I really focus on increasing my cadence.

Are you running any race this winter? How is your training going?

Thanks for reading.


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