Not So Great Pace and Stride Length, and 1,100 Mile Goal

bike path, Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, pace, stride length, cadence,

Today was a bit of disappointing day, in terms of pace and stride length. Because I had such a great run the other day, and actually it was probably the best pace and time I ever had, I was really hoping to see my average stride length go up and my pace stay brisk.

bike path, Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, pace, stride length, cadence,

7:00 min/mi! That was probably the first time ever! And as my pace went crazy, my average stride length shot up to 1.21 m as well.

Obviously, my average cadence never changed. So, it is clear that my average cadence correlates with the tempo of 94 that I have on MetroTimer.

bike path, Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, pace, stride length, cadence,

Then, here’s today’s. 17.37 miles. And as you can see, my pace was way slower than for the 9 mile run, and consequently my average stride length suffered. Very disappointing.

And again, my average cadence never changed.

I think I got overconfident about my ability to keep up with the pace all the way to the end.

My pace started lagging at about 12 mile mark, and my legs got so tired, I literally had to stop running. I actually sat on one of the stone benches for good 3-4 minutes while having energy gel. Of course, afterwards, I got better and was able to continue, but I already lost so much time that it was not easy to keep my pace up to where it was. And the last mile and a half was not easy either, to mildly put it.

So, another lesson learned. I shouldn’t pay too much attention to my average pace while running (although now that I know where to look…).

I started monitoring my average pace on my Garmin watch since the 9 mile run. I tried to keep it under 7:00 or sometimes under 7:03. Although my average pace has nothing to do with my average cadence, I noticed that my average pace definitely changes my average stride length.

I’ll keep this in my mind next weekend when I run 19 miles.

2015 goal, 1100 miles, bike path, Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, pace, stride length, cadence,

As of January 1, 2015, my new goal for 2015 kicked in. This is a 1,100 mile challenge with myself and is something that I believe that I can stick to, although I will have to keep monitoring as days go by. Since I’ll keep training for the Surf City Marathon (February 1), I know I will rake in enough miles for the month of January, including the actual marathon mileage on the race day.

After that, depending on my status in terms of Boston Marathon Qualification, I may be training for another race. Since the BAA will let the fastest qualify first, I will have to make sure that I run not only under 3:15 but also a lot faster than that if I can. We will see how this unfolds.

How was your weekend run? The new year is already 3 days old. Are you staying the course in terms of your training?

Thanks for reading.


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