Week in Review

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Another weekend. Another long run. And today’s run was 19 miles. As of today, the Surf City Marathon is 3 weeks away, and it leaves me with only 2 long weekend runs. The Surf City Marathon sent out the registration confirmation emails to all the registrants this week.

surf city marathon 2015, registration confirmation,

I confirmed my registration, and my bib is 692. Since I’d like to run more than 20 miles on a run at least once before the race, I’ve scheduled to run 21 miles next weekend, followed by a 17 mile run in the subsequent weekend. Let’s see how that pans out.

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Today it rained all day. It started with a light shower early in the morning. It soon turned into constant light rain throughout the afternoon, and then eventually turned into the rain that hasn’t stopped as of writing this post.

It means that we would be having more snow up in the mountains.

It also means the skiing season is in full swing.

And it means that our drought struck state is getting a little bit of relief.

And it also means that I ran in the rain.

So as a handful of runners I saw on the bike path. It was great because it kept the temperature cooled down and filled the air with more humidity than usual, so it made running that much easier, although it was a bit chilly due to the fact that we were getting wet in the cooler temperature.

Also, the rain kept most of the tourists at bay. Especially around Venice Beach and Santa Monica Beach, with less tourists, cyclists and runners, it was simply a whole lot easier to run, not worrying about passing so many clumps of tourists ahead of me when cyclists would come from behind to pass me, let alone incoming cyclists.

To my surprise, there were a lot of puddles on the bike path, though.

So, I was completely drenched.

But it was great. I felt accomplished because I completed 19 miles as I planned. The last mile was not easy take on. I really pushed through hard.

2015:01:05 MondayMonday 2015:01:07 WedWednesday 2015:01:08 Thur Thursday run, weekend run, stride length, cadence, pace, running, surf city marathon training Saturday

Last week my short runs went so well that I was rather concerned about translating those great short run results into longer ones.

If you’ve been following, you can definitely see that my running is improving.

  • My cadence is consistent at 190 spm, thanks to the tempo of 94 on MetroTimer
  • My stride length still fluctuates (between 1.15 and 1.24), depending on the distance I am running, but based on the progress that I am making at the moment, it appears that I’ll eventually get to 1.25 m on average.

it band, hip flexor, shin splits, back stretching it band, hip flexor, shin splits, back stretching it band, hip flexor, shin splits, back stretching it band, hip flexor, shin splits, back stretchingit band, hip flexor, shin splits, back stretching it band, hip flexor, shin splits, back stretching Screen-Shot-2014-12-24-at-4.08.33-PM-a

One of the reasons why I believe it is improving is due to stretching. I really believe that the post-run stretching has brought a significant difference in terms of increasing my pace since I fully adapted it. And of course, based on my observation, pace correlates with stride length, which means, faster I run, longer my stride becomes, and that equals faster time. As I discussed it here, the more I stretch, the more benefits I can actually materialize in terms of stride length.

Gold's gym massage foam roller, Walmart, post-run massage, leg muscles,

Also, I’ve been using a massage foam roller after each run so that my leg muscles can recover rather quickly from stiffness and tightness. If you haven’t gotten yourself one, considering how cheap they are, it is way worth investing in one of the foam rollers, like HealthyLifeStyle Foam Roller. Also, I’ve seen people using Muscle Roller Sticks for instant relief of cramping, tightness and soreness.

The next 3 weeks have to be really well spent. I really do not want my concern to dictate my outcome. I will solidify my strategy for the long runs, which I started implementing from last weekend. And today my plan was to run up to 15 miles at my comfortable pace, and then increase my pace about 0.20 min/mi at every two miles before completing the run.

Unfortunately, after the 15 mile mark, at one point I ran at a whole lot faster pace, and it resulted in an early fatigue, which made the last mile extremely difficult to finish. Once again, it was a painful reminder that it is all about keeping the pace.

Let’s see how well I am going to be able to utilize the next 3 weeks to further improve my running and to be where I want to be.

How was your weekend run? Is it getting better? What helped you improve it if it is getting better?

Thanks for reading.


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  1. maddie says :

    Way to stay focused Peter! Running, working with your stride and cadence can add a lot more stress but it will improve you time! keep the eye of the tiger!!!

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