Another Injury. Another Setback.

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This rather came as a surprise. Although I knew it was there, I didn’t think that it would become an injury that ended up sidelining me. Again. It was the inflammation of the plantar fascia, which caused a bit of heel pain. At least, it is minor, and I know how to remedy this.

After the Surf City Marathon, my injured left knee forced me to stay off running. For the whole week of down time I re-assessed my approach of making my dream come true. So, as I discussed it here, I’ve decided not to run any races before summer and instead to focus on training. However, I knew I needed something different than just a long period of the same training to improve my running, and I got quite excited about the new program that I modified a bit from the one listed on Cool Running.

And my training began as of last Tuesday.

A week of not running even a mile, other than a mile on the treadmill to see how my left knee was doing, I found the 4 mile run not as easy as I usually did. But I was not slow nor terribly tired during or after. In fact, I ran at the 6:50 min/mi pace, and part of me thought that it wasn’t a bad start.

However, after the run, I felt the pain in the bottom of my right foot, and it wasn’t pleasant to walk. It was one of those things that you don’t really feel much while running maybe because you’re in the zone, but you immediately start to feel all the discomfort and pain that patiently lurked and waited under the skin and burst out as soon as you’re done.

The thing is that this pain is something that might’ve been avoided. The key words are might have. Since the Surf City Marathon, I had had this very mild, sometimes didn’t even feel like it’s there, sensation in the bottom of my right foot. Since it didn’t bother me when I walked or even ran for a mile on the treadmill, I just might have simply overlooked. It never occurred to me that this was something that could turn into an injury like this.

Once I got home, I started icing it and also massaging it with the rubber ball that I have. Icing it definitely helped the pain subside quite a bit. However, even with the massages and icing coupled with my compression sock on, it could take up to another 2 weeks for it to heal and let me run again without relapsing.

Part of me was considering the San Francisco Marathon to run on July 26, but since the program has already been pushed a week and definitely another week, it may be out of the question at this point. Besides, I really want to stick to this 24-week program, including the first 4 weeks of pre-training, to improve my running.

So, I’ve narrowed down to the last two, the Santa Rosa Marathon on August 23 and the Ventura Marathon in September 13. As I noted here, if the Boston Marathon Registration opens on September 14, Monday, I can use the Ventura Marathon as the last attempt. And actually, I looked into the last couple of years of the Ventura Marathon and it was held on September 8 in 2013 and on September 7 in 2014, both ahead of the Boston Marathon Registration. So, if that is the case, this year’s race will also likely be held before the Boston Marathon Registration opens.

If not, I will just run it for the 2017 Boston Marathon. On a side note, I am already signed up for this year’s Long Beach Marathon. So, basically, I’ll be running these to qualify for the 2017 race. Just in case.

Any injuries this week? How do you usually remedy foot injuries? Have you had plantar fasciitis?

Thanks for reading.


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