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Today is March 1, which means it is that time of the month. Month in review. I promised to myself that I would run 1,100 miles this year, and by checking in on the progress every month, I get to share with you readers on where I am, how far I am off and how farther I have to go in order to keep the promise. It is a whole lot easier to accomplish a goal by sharing because public humiliation is a great motivation (or punishment). 

I haven’t raked up many miles in February due to the recovery of my ‘injured’ right foot.

179 miles.

So far.

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Since my last blog entry, my right foot has gotten much better, meaning I can actually run without pain.

As promising as it was when I thought to myself that I would be able to run up to 6 miles without having it relapse, I still took quite a bit of caution. And my first run outside the gym was 1.35 miles last Thursday.

short run 3.03 miles

And then I ran 3.03 miles yesterday morning, and other than the fact that my lungs needed more oxygen, my right foot held up very well. And, of course, as soon as I got back home, I did all the post-run stuff – stretching, roll massaging and icing the foot.

So, for now, it appears that my foot is surely getting back to the ‘normal’ training state although I know for sure that the foot isn’t completely healed, which is a bit of mystery.

It seems like I can run as long as I could, say, up to 5 or 6 miles, or as long as my lungs allow me to, and as long as I watch how my right foot lands on the ground for up to the first half mile or so, I do not even think about the foot any longer or how the pain may return as I keep running.

Yes, it is strange.

But, somehow it works. As if it knows how to adapt itself to the stress.

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Meanwhile, what got me excited this past week was the arrival of Jack Daniels’ Running Formula 3rd Edition!

As I talked about it here, I was reading a copy of his 2nd edition that I checked out from the public library while waiting, but after reading reviews on Amazon, I learned that the 3rd edition has extra chapters dedicated to the half and the full marathon training.

Daniels’ Basic Laws of Running

  1. Every runner has specific individual abilities
  2. A runner’s focus must stay positive
  3. Expect ups and downs; some days are better than others
  4. Be flexible in training to allow for the unexpected
  5. Set intermediate goals
  6. Training should be rewarding
  7. Eat and sleep well
  8. Dont train when sick or injured
  9. Chronic health issues should be checked by a professional
  10. A good run or race is never a fluke

I started reading it immediately and can see that the way it is written is already different. It’s less lecture-like, less direct and more reader accommodating. And less dry, which means it is easier to read too.

A new month has begun, and I hope that I will get on with the training program as much as I would like. Since my right foot holds up well, I think that I will be able to manage it better.

How was your weekend training? Are you focusing on interval training or threshold work? Are you maintaining fitness well after a race or injury?

Thanks for reading.


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