So It Began

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What a week! The workload kept building. The stress was mounting. And there was 31 miles to run after work. The first week of the about-3-weeks-delayed 4-week pre-training period! And I wanted to stick to the program.

Week Countdown Week Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Amount
Injury recovery week 2/23-3/1 Open Open Open Open Open Open Open Open
1.35 3.03 4.38
Pre-training 1 3/2-3/8 Rest 4 6 4 6 3 8 31
6.26 4.07 6.10 3.03 8.01 27.47

Considering how poorly I did (the total of only 4.38 miles in spite of the injury) the week before, I think the past week was not too bad. I only skipped one day, and it was really due to long hours at work. I could’ve tried harder, but by the time I got home, such a motivation to drag me back out the door completely disapated.

So, I had to settle with 5 days and 27.47 miles this past week.

Overall, it was manageable, without having my foot injury relapse. However, I found Friday’s 6 mile run rather slightly challenging. It was probably because of the 4 miles that I ran the day before.

Although it may be a bit early to apply techniques since it is only the first pre-training week, I couldn’t wait.

training, running, marathon, marathon training, pre-training, tempo runs,

It was time for a tempo run, aka, lactate threshold run or just threshold run. Unfortunately, I do not know my maximum heart rate at the moment, so I couldn’t do it as precisely as I wished, but 85-90% of maximum heart rate meant that I lunge petty hard for 30 seconds every 5 minute during today’s run.

Which I did.

training, running, marathon, marathon training, pre-training, tempo runs,  cadence,

There were a couple of times where I had to lunge up the rolling hills. It was insanely tiring and taxing on my legs, heart and lungs.

Now that I learned that the level of O2 in the blood still stays the same when I work out vigorously and that it is actually the level of CO2 in the blood that increases because more CO2 is produced by the muscles and that the heart is working extra hard to pump out blood with O2 exchanged with the excess CO2.  In other words, the heart beats faster, the hear rate goes up and we breathe hard.

Tomorrow is a rest day, meaning I will find myself at the gym working on strength training.

How was your weekend training? Are temp runs part of your training too? How has it been working out for you?

Thanks for reading.


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