1st Week of 20-Week Training and VDOT O2

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I ended the first week of the 20-week training with 7 consecutive days of running and a tally of 41.68 miles. I racked up 8 more miles than I was scheduled because of the extra 8 miles last Monday. However, I think that the conviction of the Boston bombing suspect made the past week more interesting than anything else. I am sure many feel that it is finally over and that now we can move on and cheer on the runners at this year’s Boston Marathon next Monday (April 20).

Week Countdown Week Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Amount
Week 1 4/6-4/12 Rest 4 6 4 6 3 10 33
Distance 8.03 4.09 6.23 4.09 6.22 3.01 10.01 41.68
Min/Mi 55:27 27:33 43:07 27:49 42:49 19:58 1:08:52
Avg Pace 6:54 6:44 6:56 6:48 6:53 6:38 6:53

Since the goal of this week’s training is to further build endurance, I wanted to make sure that I stuck to the schedule. Especially, I couldn’t run last Sunday like I talked about it here, I wanted to squeeze in that extra 8 miles.

Speaking of endurance building…

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This week I came across VDOT Calculator, which is available on iTunes. This app was created by Jack Daniels with help of the Run SMART Project, LLC. and is very simple to use for gauging each runner’s VDOT and a corresponding target pace.

Since heart rate is quite an important measure to assess, in this case, a runner’s performance, it is a great idea to keep an eye on VDOT. And this app comes in quite handy, without having to refer to Jack Daniels’ book, which I talked about here.

vdot, vdot o2, 5k, When I put in one of this past week’s 10K run times (faster one), it says my VDOT was 48.0 

vdot, vdot o2, 10k 49.9 was the VDOT for the 5K run this week

There are 10 levels, up to VDOT of 80.0 And mine is at the brink of reaching Level 4.

VDOT Level

Especially when all the techniques such as tempo run (threshold run), fartlek (interval) training and hill running, are considered, VDOT O2 helps a runner know how far he/she has to push him/herself.

vdot, vdot o2, equivalent race times in comparison, It listed a chart of equivalent times and paces for other distances, based on my VDOT of 48.0, and my marathon time is 3:17:25 at a pace of 7:32, meaning I would not qualify with this VDOT.

Because I do not have any officially recorded time that I can use (other than the Surf City Marathon time, which is not usable due to the knee injury), I’ve been using my training 5K and 10K run times, and it feels like I still have a long road ahead, despite the progress that I’ve started making.

My qualifying time is 3:15:00, which translates into a pace of 7:26.

vdot, vdot o2, marathon qualifying time, boston, boston marathon,  At this pace, my VDOT is lower than my 5K’s above, but still it is a faster pace.

Meaning, I must run 10K at a pace of 6:48 or under, and 5K at a pace of 6:34 or under. Comfortably, I would say.

In short, I need to up my game.

Knowing that I still do have 19 more weeks to improve my performance and build stronger endurance, I must work harder at this. Of course, if I look back and see where I was even a few months ago, I am sure that I have made progress.

But for now, it’s not good enough.

Let’s hope that the next 19 weeks will help me accomplish that.

How was your weekend training? Are you training for Boston? When are you heading out, if you do not live in Boston? How is your tapering?

Thanks for reading.


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4 responses to “1st Week of 20-Week Training and VDOT O2”

  1. theblogrunner says :

    That app looks great. As you are at the beginning of a 20 week program, it makes sense that you’ve got some work to do, but it sounds like you’re up for it.
    This weekend I ran my first marathon. It was very slow, but I loved every second of it. 🙂
    I’m looking forward to hearing more about your progress. Keep up the great work! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • @ScorpioOnSUP says :

      You enjoyed every second of it! That’s good! 🙂 I think that marathon tests you in every way. Physically, mentally and psychologically. It can be easy. And also hard. But we keep going… Because we have a goal to achieve!!! 😀


      • theblogrunner says :

        Well, maybe not every second… 😉 It wasn’t easy and I struggled a lot in places, but that makes it feel like even more of an achievement to cross the finish line. As you say, we keep going! 🙂


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