2nd Week of 20-Week Training and 2015 Boston Marathon

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In terms of training, the 2nd week had been very good till I went hiking last Saturday. I decided to do ECBOS. Distance wise, it wasn’t very long, only 18.5 miles with 6,400 feet elevation gain and loss, but the falling rocks and steep, land sliding hillside while coming down the ridge and the rocky canyon weren’t what I was expecting. In spite of a full day’s rest yesterday, I was still fatigued. And a long day at work today didn’t help either, but in celebration of today’s 2015 Boston Marathon, I went ahead and made up for yesterday’s missing 11 miles.

Week Countdown Week Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Amount
Week 2 4/13-4/19 Rest 5 3 5 6 3 11 33
6.2 3.11 6.2 6.2 21.71
Fartlek (5 miles)
Week 3 4/20-4/26 Rest 0.75 3 6 6 3 12 30.75
11.02 11.02
6 Hills (220 yards = 0.125 miles) at 5K-10K pace, 1-2 minute break between intervals

It was time for me to go hiking. ECBOS – Etiwanda, Cucamonga, Bighorn, Ontario and Sugarloaf Peaks.

I’ve done ECBO before, and when I did it again, I found it fairly easy. I honestly believe that last Tuesday’s fartlek training helped in terms of breathing.

Then, coming down the ridge from Ontario Peak to get to Sugarloaf Peak was an adventure, to mildly put it. And even after a full day’s rest, combined with another long day at work today, my body was not nearly ready for a 11 miler. However, I was committed to this more than ever and didn’t want to see myself regretting not running.

Once again, it is all about endurance. There’s no trick to this, unless you were born with better genes like today’s 2015 Boston Marathon winners. Even then, they run 100-120 miles per week. I only run 40 plus miles per week.

boston marathon, 2015 boston marathon, rainy day, monday,

So, today was in fact the 119th Boston Marathon Day. In spite of damp, chilly and rainy day for the race, approximately 30,000 runners showed up and ran from Hopkinton to Boylston Street this morning in Boston.

Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia won the men’s division. It was actually his second time since his win in 2013, which makes him the fourth man to win the race twice. What was pretty cool was that 2013 was the year of the bombing, and he actually donated the medal he won that year to the city today to commemorate the unforgettable and tragic event. I am sure that he’d very likely hang onto this year’s medal though.

It is quite inspiring to see all the runners crossing the finish line earlier today, which makes me want to join them next year for sure, which means I gotta train harder. Today, seriously I was not near an okay condition to take on this 11 miler, but a voice in my head was telling me,

You know you gotta do this now or later, right? Might as well, why don’t you just get it over with while at it. You’re right. Your butt and legs are still sore from the hike and you are tired from a long day at work. But you’re already running, and instead of stopping at 9 or 10 mile mark, why don’t you keep going? I know you are tired, but if you stop now, when are you going to run 11 miles again? it’s 12 miles next Sunday. Keep going. Just get it over with.

And I listened.

Sometimes it’s good to listen to a voice in your head.

Did you watch the marathon on ESPN today? Were you disappointed that Meb Keflezighi didn’t win? Have you been already qualified for the 2016 Boston Marathon?

Thanks for reading.

Note: Both photos shown on this post are credited to Jesse Costa (WBUR) from wbur.org. If you want to see more, find them here.


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