3rd Week of 20-Week Training and EIR (Exercise-Induced Rhinitis)

Boston marathon, sunset, 12 miles, Exercise-Induced Rhinitis, Fartlek, interval runs,

The 3rd week came and went so quickly that it felt like as if it never came. But it certainly did, because I was able to rack up 40 miles, largely thanks to the last Monday’s 11 miler. And I was able to finish the week by running the scheduled 12 miles, regardless of how tired my legs were at about the 10.3 mile mark. So, it came, and I did my runs, and now that it’s gone, I am looking forward to this week’s training.

Week Countdown Week Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Amount
Week 3 4/20-4/26 Rest 0.75 3 6 6 3 12 30.75
11.02 0.65 6.2 6.21 3.11 12.01 40.28
6 Hills (220 yards = 0.125 miles) at 5K-10K pace, 1-2 minute break bewteen intervals

This past week was very productive although I must say that running 11 miles followed by the interval training and two 6 milers was not the most effective way to train, I realized. Or as least, with my body. Because it was not recovering fast enough, and as much as I was determined to keep up with the mileage schedule, I also knew that my body needed rest, so I decided to take the Saturday.

As far as the interval training goes, it was something that I had to push myself real hard as I noted here. Running uphill at 5K-10K pace for 220 yards six times with only a couple of minutes of break in between wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

You are so out of breath that you can actually feel your whole body needs oxygen at once. You’re engulfing air so fast as if you had been swimming under the water so long before your head shot up above the surface with vigor for fresh air, all you care about is the amount of air that you nose and mouth can take as long as there’s air to take.

Maybe your mouth is not big enough to swallow so much air at once. Your lungs are not large enough to exchange the CO2 with O2 quick enough. Or your heart isn’t pumping out blood with glycogen fast enough to travel through your major arteries into capillary vessels.

So that your muscles can function again as they should.

And you know your body is so out of oxygen.

That is kind of workout that helps you improve your performance and speed.

santa rosa marathon

Last night I registered for the Santa Rosa Marathon. As I talked about it here, this is one of the Boston Marathon Qualifiers that I have in mind. The Ventura Marathon is the other.

I am excited about the Santa Rosa Marathon, which will be held on August 23, and my 20-week training is almost tailor made to accommodate the race. Hopefully, I can qualify then, without being stressed out at the Ventura Marathon on September 13, but we will never know. Only time will tell.

Boston marathon, sunset, 12 miles, Exercise-Induced Rhinitis, Fartlek, interval runs,

Have you ever wondered about this or looked into this? I have this not only when I run but also when I hike. And I don’t know why it never occurred to me until a few weeks ago that I should look into this.

And I finally got around to it past week. And voila, apparently there’s a name for it.

Exercise-Induced Rhinitis, aka EIR, a form of vasomotor rhinitis, a non-inflammatory condition.

According to Today Health, between 10 percent and 20 percent of Americans suffer from allergic rhinitis, but, strangely, 40 percent of endurance athletes suffer from this condition. And not too surprisingly, runners are not the only ones suffering from this. Swimmers, divers, boxers, skiers and figure skaters get similar symptoms.

So, how do we solve it?

Boston marathon, sunset, 12 miles, Exercise-Induced Rhinitis, Fartlek, interval runs,

Ipratroprium bromide nasal spray.

According to Wikipedia, it is a drug that relieves bronchial spasms. Interestingly, it is on the WHO’s List of Essential Medicines. I think I am going to see my doctor and ask her about this when I go in for a physical checkup in a week or so.

Do you have EIR too? How did you get rid of it, other than using ipratroprium bromide nasal spray or something similar?

Thanks for reading.


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