Month in Review – April

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Time flies! It really does. The month of April came and went, and it is time to review how it went down in terms of training. The month of April was special in that 5 weeks of the pre-training finally came to an end. As it did, the 20-week training program also began, and what that meant was that the mileage on every other weekend would slowly increase and that it was time to see how well the previous 5 weeks were spent.

As summer is just around the corner, the days are getting longer. The temperature is rising, and running in cooler temperature is that much trickier as the nights are getting shorter. I am just glad though that I still can run in mid-60s when I step out at 7:30ish in the evening.

Week Countdown Week Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Amount
Pre-training 5 3/30-4/5 Rest 4 6 4 6 3 8 31
3.11 6.23 4.13 6.26 4.09 23.82
Week 1 4/6-4/12 Rest 4 6 4 6 3 10 33
8.03 4.09 6.23 4.09 6.22 3.01 10.01 41.68
Week 2 4/13-4/19 Rest 5 3 5 6 3 11 33
6.2 3.11 6.2 6.2 21.71
Fartlek (5 miles)
Week 3 4/20-4/26 Rest 0.75 3 6 6 3 12 30.75
11.02 0.65 6.2 6.21 3.11 12.01 40.28
6 Hills (220 yards = 0.125 miles) at 5K-10K pace, 1-2 minute break bewteen intervals
Week 4 4/27-5/3 Rest 5 3 6 6 3 6 29
5.4 4.11 6.2 15.71
Fartlek (5 miles)

This month was all about endurance and techniques.

As for endurance, I did my best to keep the long distance runs on weekends (8, 10, 11 and 12 miles) going. When I couldn’t run due to a long hike the day before, I made sure that I ran the following Monday even it was a rest day. The daily runs certainly prepared me for the long runs, but I still think that endurance demands a lot more.

And then I have started applying the following techniques;

  • Fartlek (for speed and pace)
  • Tempo Runs (for speed and pace)
  • Intervals (for speed)

I’ve combined running uphills and interval running to maximize the results, and so far it is crazy hard. Short but hard, and I hope I will be seeing the results soon.

As for Fartlek, I believe that I am already benefiting from it. I could definitely tell that my heart rates have gone up, breathing a lot more easily. Somehow I understood how enduring legs and breathing less close to lactate threshold should work when running on an incline. It’s a whole lot easier to control breathing because now breathing can stay the same even when I up the pace just a bit. And certainly endurance is part of it.

Goal of 2015

411 of 1,100 miles. 37%.

It is a 11% increase from where I was since the last day of March, which was 277 of 1,100 miles.

And without counting in the rest of this week’s mileage, I am looking at additional 600 miles that I am going to rack up by the time when I am done with this 20-week training program. It would be late August when I am going to run the Santa Rosa Marathon.

Unless something unexpected happens or injury occurs (knock, knock), I will be able to handsomely achieve the goal of this year. There’s the Vatura Marathon in early September before the Boston Marathon Registration opens, and I’m already signed up for this year’s Long Beach Marathon in early October, so, I have no doubt that this is happening.

Asics, running shoes, marathon, Boston Marathon, training, 500 miles,

Meanwhile, it is almost time to get myself a pair of new running shoes. My poor Asics Gel-Kayano 21 had to endure another 100 miles or so, when its maximum distance is usually about 400 miles.

And the following is the contenders that I am considering for the next pair, including another pair of Gel-Kayano 21.

Ascis Gel-Kayano 21, marathon training, training, running shoes, Boston Marathon, Ascis Gel-Kayano 21. For stability. 

Asics GT-2000 3, marathon training, training, running shoes, Boston Marathon, Ascis GT-2000 3. For stability.

Asics Gel-Cumulus 16, marathon training, training, running shoes, Boston Marathon, Asics Gel-Cumulus 16.  For neutral.

I have a feeling that I would end up going with Gel-Kayano 21 again, because;

  1. It has worked since Gel-Kayano 19
  2. It was one of the two pairs that I was recommended at Road Runner Sports. The other was I believe a pair of Brooks, by which I wasn’t impressed.

Hoka Clifton 2, marathon training, training, running shoes, Boston Marathon, Hoka Clifton 2

Part of me wants to give Hoka One One a try, but I keep hearing that it is rather slightly heavy for speed, so I am not quite sure. So far, Hoka Clifton 2 seems most promising. I may go ahead and give it a try. If they are too heavy, I’ll return them. Maybe I can finally use that 30-day trial of any running shoes, which is the part of the membership!

How is your training going? What are you training in? What are your favorite running shoes? Have you tried Hoka?

Thanks for reading.


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