4th Week of 20-Week Training and Ascis Kayano 21 (again)

Road Runner Sport, Siberian Husky, running shoes, Santa Monica, marathon,

Another week came and went. It was the 4th week of the 20 week long training period, and the goal of the week was to maintain the weekly distance, including a Fartlek run. Overall, it was consistent with the previous week’s average pace, but I hope to see some improvement in speed in the next couple of weeks.

Week Countdown Week Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Amount
Week 4 4/27-5/3 Rest 5 3 6 6 3 6 29
5.4 4.11 6.2 6.2 3.12 6.22 31.25
Fartlek (5 miles)
Pace (min/mi) 6:53 6:45 6:49 6:55 6:47 6:46

Endurance, endurance, endurance.

This week, my goal was to stick to racking up the distance as planned.

But I felt a bit tired by Friday and knew that I was not able to run any faster. Of course, not every time I should or can run fast. Many factors, such as temperature, wind, humidity, elevation, terrain conditions, etc., determine that, and in my case, it was fatigue.

But, once again, the goal was to run the distance. Doesn’t matter how slowly I ran.

As usual, I kept the rest period between a Saturday’s run and a Sunday’s run longer than a day by running early Saturday morning and late Sunday evening. And the result showed.

Road Runner Sport, running shoes, Santa Monica, marathon, the Chardonnay Run, Road Runner Sport in Santa Monica

Last Saturday after the morning run, I made a trip to Road Runner Sport in Santa Monica. When I got there, it was not that crowded. But, apparently this Chardonnay Run’s registration was being held there, and by the time I walked out of there, it was a zoo.

I tried on all three – Asics Kayano 21, GT-2000 3 and a Hoka.

Asics Gel-Cumulus 16 was out of the question, it turned out, because its stability level wasn’t as high as the other two Asics models (Kayano and GT-2000). Apparently I forgot the fact that Kayano 21 (and 19, prior to that) has level 5 stability, which I seem to appreciate.

In Hoka’s case, Hoka Clifton 2, which I was going to try on, also was not high in stability, so the sales rep recommended Hoka Conquest instead.

Ascis Gel-Kayano 21, marathon training, training, running shoes, Boston Marathon, Asics Kayano 21

I didn’t have anything else to say about Kayano 21. It fits nicely and gives plenty of support (as I learned or re-learned that they are level 5 shoes in stability).

Asics GT-2000 3, marathon training, training, running shoes, Boston Marathon, Asics GT-2000 3

It didn’t fit perfectly. Felt loose, and in spite of the fact that GT-2000 is 2 oz. lighter than Kayano 21, it didn’t feel natural to me. My instinct told me that they weren’t worth hitting the pavement in.

hoka_one_one_conquest Hoka Conquest

Unfortunately, Hoka was not for me either. I knew and the sales rep also agreed that it would require at least 3-4 trials of running in terms of learning curve. In spite of the fact that it was surprisingly light, my gut told me that Hoka Conquest wouldn’t be able to deliver the conquest of speed barrier. In other words, I was not impressed.

So, I ended up settling with my old gear – Ascis Kayano 21. However, I was sort of done with my current bland silver-ish color.

Ascis Gel-Kayano 21, marathon training, training, running shoes, Boston Marathon,

So I asked for lime/blue. They didn’t have them in stock, so an order was submitted for delivery. It would arrive either Monday or Tuesday from San Diego.

Asics Kayano 21, reaching 500 miles, 500 miles, 99%, running shoes, running, marathon, training,

It is a perfect timing in that my current Kayano 21 has almost reached 500 miles. It took only 4 1/2 months.

Since it’s early May, and supposedly I’d be running about 570 more miles by the time when I complete this 20-week training program, I will be probably buying another pair right before the Santa Rosa Marathon in late August.

How was your weekend run? Did you run any race this weekend? I have some friends who ran the OC Marathon here in Southern California. How did yours go?

Thanks for reading.


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