Week 10 – Motivation, Challenges and Bounce Back

Baldwin hill entrance, interval running, interval hill running, hill running, lactate threshold, 220 yards, shower, sprinkles, overcast, cloudy, after work, view of mountains across LA, crazy clouds, ominous, rainy, pouring rain somewhere,

This past week had some challenges. One of those days when the level of self-motivation hits the bottom snuck up on me in the middle of the week. It was heavily influenced by the serious long day at work, and even though I bounced right back up and caught up with the next day’s mileage, the pressure on keeping up with the weekly mileage was mounting.

Baldwin hill entrance, interval running, interval hill running, hill running, lactate threshold, 220 yards, shower, sprinkles, overcast, cloudy, after work, view of mountains across LA,

The weather for the this week was beyond what a runner could ask for! At least the earlier part of each morning was overcast, and the temperature stuck around in the mid-60s. And when it went up, it climbed up to only low-70s toward midday but dropped rather quickly down to the mid- or low-60s by 4 or 5 pm. And the weekend mornings were all overcast, which made running amazing despite the high humidity (above 95%).

Last Tuesday was either drizzly or showery wet pretty much all day till the sunset. At first the lingering light shower eventually seemed to have stopped by the time when I got off work, but when I ran over to Baldwin Hills to do interval hill running, it resumed. As if it also took a break and resumed its practice.

Of course, the shower didn’t stop me from training.

The constant shower certainly kept many park visitors at bay. It was quite nice to see less people at the park.

Baldwin hill entrance, interval running, interval hill running, hill running, lactate threshold, 220 yards, shower, sprinkles, overcast, cloudy, after work

Also, the rain cooled me down whenever I returned to the starting point at the bottom of the hills.

interval hill running, warm down, packing lot, sunset, no mor shower,

And then the sun eventually stopped playing hide and seek and came out from behind the clouds. It ended the day by paint brushing the sky with its stunning magic hour watercolors again.

What a rewarding moment it was!

bee, flying, caught in the middle of the air

I was quite motivated the following day. Took some good shots of the flowers as I was heading home from work, ready for a run for the day. A bee was busy hovering over the flowerbeds, hopping from flower to flower doing what this working bee was supposed to do. After tying a couple of times, I caught him in the midair in this shot.

day lilies, bee, closeup of bee, yellow, bee resting,

As the day was gradually making its way out for the night to roll in, I spotted a bee resting on this yellow Daylily. The breeze gently shook it from side to side, and yet the bee even didn’t mind flying away. Just hanging onto it as if it was taking a nap.

So, here’s the weekly mileage breakdown. 37.6 miles.

Week Countdown Week Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Amount
Week 10 6/8 – 6/14 Rest 3 5 8 8 5 10 39
0.58 6.66 0 8.99 4.95 11.16 37.60
0.75 1.20
0.58 2.73
6 x 880s (=1/2 miles) at 5K-10K pace
Pace 7:10, 6:49, 7:17 7:01 6:52 6:52, 8:23, 7:00 7:02
Time 4:09.8, 5:07.0, 4:14.0 46:46 1:01:43 34:00, 10:02, 19:05 1:18:36
Elev Gain 0 ft, 35 ft, 33 ft 144 ft 204 ft 67 ft, 466 ft, 187 ft 248 ft

The no run Thursday came.

I didn’t see it coming. This particular Thursday turned out to be a long and stressful day at work, so by the time when I got home, I just didn’t have any motivation left to pick myself up and reach for my Kayano. Besides, I was quite hungry, which meant I would not be able to run at least for an hour after finishing a meal.

When you are flat out of motivation, nothing works. As if I completely ran out of steam.

It’s like, you have no interest in pursuing the goal, or the dream. Of course, dreams make us all hurdle over the obstacles and keep charging forward. But, lack of motivation is one of the worst enemies. If could be mental, psychological or physical. And I believe that everyone has been there or eventually comes across a point where it throws them off when it sneaks up on you, as if you miss a blind spot.

I just watched the night go by in vain.

near bike path, metro subway overpass,

The question is how quickly you pick yourself up and get moving again.

I was not ready to throw in a towel for the rest of the week. I slept it off and bounced back up the following day.

I went for 9 miles to make up for the missing 8 miles. Of course, the next day was scheduled for 8 miles, so I had only one mile of distance gain. Many more miles to rack up.

game night, baseball, softball, filed, lights on, The lights came on as the dusk set in while the filed was occupied with local baseball players.

trail running, Baldwin HIlls, top of the hills, viw of downtown LA, overcast, cloudy, ominous, trail uphill run, trail downhill run, View of Downtown Los Angeles from the top of Baldwin Hills

The pressure was on, and I had to figure out how many miles to add on which day in order to make the weekly tally be 39 miles.

I decided to run more on the weekend. Why not?

trail running, Baldwin HIlls, top of the hills, viw of pacific ocean, foggy, hazy, barely seen, , overcast, cloudy, ominous, trail uphill run, trail downhill run, The ocean was not visible

On Saturday, I ran 5 miles to Baldwin Hills by taking the usual route, and then ran up the dirt trail to the top of the hills and down. Part of me had wanted to see where I was in terms of heart rate and lactate threshold on uphill running, so it was a good opportunity. It is only 1.2 miles from the entrance to the top, but it has a few switchbacks with 466 feet of elevation, so it can be a great workout depending on one’s pace. And it was a great workout for me.

gym, workout, strength training, planks, push-ups, cruches, linear leg press, calf workout,

Then, I wanted to work on my legs in terms of strength training, so I hit the gym in the afternoon. Along with the usual few sets of planks, crunches and push-ups, I did linear leg press and calf workouts.

day lilies, running, cheering me on, bike path, I made a quick stop to take some photos of the Daylilies at the Daylily section on the side of this bike path on which I run often. It is quite fascinating to see how many different colors and shapes these Daylilies blossom.

When Sunday came around, I was hoping to run a half marathon distance like I did 2 weeks ago. Honestly though, I had a bit of reservation about the distance because of the running and the strength training the day before. I knew my legs were fatigued.

And it became a reality. My legs were getting tired rather quickly after 8 miles or so. I don’t remember how many times I wanted to quit before reaching the 11 mile mark. I usually don’t bring Clif Shot gel for any distance up to 13 miles, but part of me knew I may need it, and I did. But it helped only to a degree. When my legs were depleted, they were depleted.

white rose, running, after the rain, morning, morning run, And I had to console myself with this rose.

Next weekend I will be running 20 miles.

Considering how the 18 miler went down a week ago, my plan is to redistribute the weekly mileage throughout the week from the current schedule. I’d like to run as much as I can in the beginning and the middle of the week so that my body can rest for the weekend.

Just like tapering. Except that I would still need to rack in 20 miles leading up to the rest day.

How was your week? Did you ever come across a moment when you’re flat out of motivation? How did you snap out of it? How long did it take? What makes you keep going when you know that your body is or legs are completely exhausted?

Thanks for reading.


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