Week 13: Boston Marathon Registration and 4th of July Celebration

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What a week. A couple of major things to celebrate. The Boston Athletic Association announced last Wednesday (July 1st) that the Registration for the 2016 Boston Marathon opens September 14 (Monday) as I expected, which means the Ventura Marathon (9/13) is in. Now, it is official that I have two shots at getting qualified for the prestigious race – the Santa Rosa and the Ventura. And I was invited to celebrate the Independence Day with some of my hiking friends yesterday.

boston marathon

The BAA (Boston Athletic Association) announced last Wednesday (7/1) that the registration for the 200th Boston Marathon next year opens September 14 (Monday). As I had expected and theorized that it would open as it did, now it makes my attempt to get qualified at the Ventura Marathon official. If you have been following, you are already familiar with my theory, but if not, you can find Boston Marathon qualifiers that I am training for.

Week Countdown Week Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Amount
Week 13 6/29 – 7/5 Rest 2 4 6 6 3 22 43
7.22 2.01 3.45 15.29 35.23
4 x Fast 880s at 5K minus 10 secs
Pace 6:54 6:01 7:10, 7:05 7:09
Time 49:48 12:03 24:43, 51:20 1:49:22
Elev Gain 184 ft 23 ft 66 ft, 144 ft

This week was also lacking some mileage, and it was because in part of the 4th of July celebration with friends and in part of extra rest days.

Although the extra two rest days were intentional to stay relatively physically little tired, when I started running today’s long run earlier this morning, I knew my body was rather tired from last night’s celebration. As I was approaching the 14 mile mark, it was apparent that my legs, particularly my calves, were getting battered.

Part of me was thinking of running 18 miles or so, however, I didn’t want to push myself too far because I realized that my endurance level turned out to be not as bad as I thought it was. And with proper tapering, I believe that I can keep up well.

I’ve come to believe that focusing on running more of intermediate distances (between 14 and 18 miles) is beneficial.

4th of July celebration, food, protein, carbohydrate, steak, chicken, garlic bread, sausages, grills, BBQ

So much food for the 4th of July celebration yesterday. And I seriously loaded myself up with what was good for today’s long run in mind – protein, carbohydrate and a bit of fat.

4th of July celebration, booze, beer, carbohydrate,

Plenty of food as well as beer (and wine) were there to go around, and I made sure that my system was fully benefiting from this rare occasion. Of course, if I went to bed early, it would’ve been a perfect scenario.

However, at least, the morning when I ran was completely overcast, which was great. 100% humidity and 59 degree temperature with the Sun playing hide and seek behind the clouds. Just perfect.

All in all, as this week came to an end, in spite of missing mileage, I believe that today’s run assured me that the level of endurance has improved, and that for the next 6 weeks, I will keep focusing on building more endurance.

Again and again, it is all in the name of endurance.

How was your week? How was your 4th of July celebration? Were you surprised by the announcement that the Registration opens a bit later than usual? Or was it what you expected as well?

Thanks for reading.


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