Week 14: Lack of Training, Sunday’s 18 Miler and Motivating YouTube Video

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When work comes before anything, against your wish, what do you do? Oh well, you just pummel through it till you go home. You may not be happy about not being able to do anything else, including training, but you just get through it. That’s exactly what happened for 3 days out of my work week.

Week Countdown Week Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Amount
Week 14 7/6 – 7/12 Rest 1.5 3 8 6 3 12 33.5
3.39 7.72 3.52 18.07 32.70
6 x 880s (=1/2 miles) at 5K pace
Pace 7:02 6:44 7:14 7:17
Time 23:50 52:01 25:27 2:11:47
Elev Gain 52 ft 204ft 57 ft 324 ft

Probably this week will be remembered as the least active week of the training even though I was able to rack in the amount of mileage that I was supposed to. Because I have not been able to run 20 and 22 miles straight for the scheduled long runs in the last three weeks, it was kind of sitting in the back of my mind that I had to squeeze those in soon, at least, the first. So, even though I was scheduled to run only 12 miles on Sunday, 20 was the number that I was aiming at.

I went to bed early to get up early, but it was not early enough, and when I started running, it was already 6:59 am. The sun was already up, and it was getting warm by the minute.

Part of me also wanted to make up for all the missing days this week due to work. A particular project that I am currently working on at work demanded a whole lot of extra hours, and I was literally mentally and physically too tired to go for a run when I got home. But I must say that it had nothing to do with lack of motivation. I was simply too tired.

So, I’ve decided to get up early in the morning and run before going to work, which was part of my plan to get myself used to getting up early for the upcoming races – the Santa Rosa and Ventura Marathons.

Speaking of motivation, I came across a TED Talks video a few days ago and it was quite refreshing to remind myself of what I want to accomplish, including qualifying for the Boston Marathon. The video is titled Learning to be awesome at anything you do, including a leader.

  • Know thyself
  • Pick one thing
  • Practice daily

The fundamental guideline for these simple steps to follow is the truth. You must know and embrace the truth about, say, how good or bad you are. When you know and embrace what you need to do to improve it, you will see so many things to improve, fix or modify. But, don’t jump on them all at once. Just pick one that you want to improve most. Once it is improved to a satisfactory level of performance, move on to the next. One thing at a time. And the most important step of all is to practice daily. Persistence.

This reminds me of the quotes of Serena Williams’s and Roger Federer’s.

tennis, wimbldon, grand slam, serena williams, winning, champion, motivation, roger federer, tennis, hard work, inspiration, motivation, no execuse,

Everyone’s dream can come true if you just stick to it and work hard. – Serena Williams

There is no way around the hard work. Embrace it. – Roger Federer

Of course, these are not something new. But these are absolutely good reminders for you and those who want to achieve goals.

Be persistent.

Practice every day.

How was your week? How was your weekend run? Did they go as planned? What do you do to keep yourself motivated all the time?

Thanks for reading.


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One response to “Week 14: Lack of Training, Sunday’s 18 Miler and Motivating YouTube Video”

  1. April says :

    Hi Peter, the ted video was brilliant, thank you and thanks for the running advice.


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