Week 19: Suspending My Training, Shin Splints and Plantar Fasciitis

So, the time has come. The time when I need to make a decision whether or not I am going to continue with my participation in the Santa Rosa Marathon. Basically, things have not gotten any better, if not worsened, and I believe that it is time to assess the current situation and decide what I am going to do for the better.

Week Countdown Week Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Amount
Week 19 8/10 – 8/16 Rest 4 3 5 5 3 10 30
4.27 3.51 5.11 3.52 4.04 3.51 23.96
Pace 7:11 7:19 7:14 7:20 7:55 7:22
Time 30:38 25:42 36:58 25:49 32:00 25:52
Elev Gain 78 ft 52 ft 84 ft 59 ft 0 ft 49 ft

I have not talked about my injuries much lately, other than the discomfort in my left leg, but I think it is time to address it and decide what I am going to do about it. As much as I would like to forget about it and pretend that nothing’s bothering me, the reality is that my performance has suffered from them. So, here they are.

Shin Splints in my left leg

It started happening soon after I ran the Ventura Marathon training run just over 2 weeks ago. It’s gotten worse over the period of 2 weeks, and it hurts even when I just walk. Not all the time, but it does hurt when the weight is put on.

When I run, I can feel it constantly. It bothers me quite a bit some times, and then it sort of subsides for a short period but eventually comes back. I expressed a concern about this on my Facebook page, and a friend of mine recommended compression socks – Acel Performance and Recovery Graduated Compression Socks, which I placed an order on Amazon immediately.

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It arrived yesterday (Sunday, thanks to Amazon Prime – 30-day free trial), and I put them on this morning and monitored the level of discomfort while running. At first, I didn’t feel that the socks were working. At least till probably just over 2 miles in. But soon I noticed that the discomfort was slightly subsided. However, I am not 100% sure if it was the socks. I will have to keep monitoring.

Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot

This injury is something that I am very familiar with. I had it in my left foot before, and it healed quite quickly last time. I suspected that it was definitely light inflammation than a tear, which resulted in a fast recovery. However, with it in my right foot, I am not so lucky this time around.

I first felt it toward the end of the Surf City Marathon back in February, and ever since it’s gotten worse. All the symptoms that you’re familiar with when it comes to Plantar Fasciitis, I have them.

As painful as it has been every morning when I wake up and put my weight on my right foot to get off my bed and walk over to the kitchen (to make coffee), I have been tremendously resilient about it by numbing it out while running.

And it worked. Till the Ventura Marathon training run, that is.

As bad as it was by starting out too fast and getting myself extremely dehydrated and exhausted by Mile 16 mile that day, I realized that the frequent stops that I made at all the water stations in fact made my injury worse. Basically, it proved that numbing it out had its limit. And more frequently I stopped, more pain I felt.

And I eventually reached a point where I could no longer run with such pain. It had happened before once. And it happened during and after the training run.

What happens now

My motivation level is extremely low now. I just simply can’t get all the toxic thoughts out of my head that I won’t able to complete a marathon. I mean, at the BQ pace.

And I was hoping to see a positive sign while running this morning. However, instead of 10 miles that I planned to run, I quit it after just over 4 miles.

So, I am standing at a juncture where I have to make a decision that would benefit me in the long run.

Shall I still go to Santa Rosa and run the race? Or shall I skip it?

As disappointing as it is, while pondering about this, I do not wish to put myself in a place where I have to spend any more time than necessary for recovery. And simply, like any runner would, I just would like to run injury free.

In Retrospect

What caused it all?

I asked myself that… and the answer was rather quite simple.

Too much too soon.

Probably I already realized that I was not ready when I was not able to keep up with the program for the 20 miler in Week 11.

Once again, I have to clarify – I CAN run a marathon. I just can’t run a marathon in a BQ time – 3 hours and 15 minutes, or 7:26 mi/min pace, regrettably.

August 2014

It was only just over a year ago (August 4, 2014, to be exact) when I decided to run to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I increased the monthly mileage from 25.6 miles in July to 110.75 miles in August. That’s not smart. No wonder why I ended up injuring myself in the following couple of months and had to sit out on the Long Beach Marathon in October.

Too much too soon.

In spite of my previous marathon running experience.

Bottom line

The question is if I want to run a race even when I know that I am suffering from both injuries.

And the answer is;


I am disappointed but at the same time I do not want to be hard on myself like last time when plantar fasciitis in my left foot prevented me from running the Long Beach Marathon last year like I noted above.

I am just accepting the fact that I am not ready for BQ at the moment. I do not have to beat myself up for this, and I am temporarily put my dream of running the Boston Marathon on hold. Till the injuries go away, that is.

It marks another major setback, but I will use it as a recovery time to heal better and run better when training.

How did you handle your setbacks? How did you treat your shin splints? How about plantar fasciitis?

Thanks for reading.


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5 responses to “Week 19: Suspending My Training, Shin Splints and Plantar Fasciitis”

  1. 유다맨 says :

    I am sorry to hear the bad news. I hope that you take a time to recover fully from the injuries.

    Liked by 1 person

    • @ScorpioOnSUP says :

      Thanks!!! I’m disappointed but also this isn’t the first time, so I am sort of zen about it… Like I said, it’s not about when we get there. It is about the fact that we GET THERE! Don’t make any mistakes that I have made. Good luck!!!

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