Welcome to my blog where I chronicle my journey as I train to get qualified for the 2016 Boston Marathon.

[Update] 2015.9.12

It’s been close to 4 weeks since I suspended my 20-week training due to my foot injury. I didn’t run the Santa Rosa Marathon nor am going to the Ventura Marathon tomorrow. I ran my first recovery run a week ago, which was 4.5 miles, and it was good. Yesterday I ran 7.25 miles, thinking that it went great, but as of today it is not hurting but isn’t like before the run. So, it tells me that the foot is definitely not ready for longer mileage. I may have to give up the Long Beach Marathon as well.

[Update] 2015.06.07

I checked today again to see if the Boston Athletic Association has announced when the Registration opens but they still haven’t. I am just hoping that the Ventura Marathon gets included. If not, the Santa Rosa Marathon may be the only race that I will have to aim at. The Ventura Marathon is always a backup plan race in my mind anyway, but who knows if I would get qualified at the Santa Rosa, and when I do, how fast.  As of today, I’ve 10 more weeks to complete my training program.

[Update] 2015.05.02

I’ve created my 20-week training program page for anyone to see what program I based it on and where I borrowed it from.

And I have so far registered two marathons to run to qualify for the 2016 Boston Marathon. One is the Ventura Marathon and the other is the Santa Rosa Marathon. I’ve talked about them on two separate posts – Pre-Training and 2016 Boston Marathon Qualifiers and 3rd Week of 20-Week Training and EIR.

[Update] 2015.02.08

I’ve posted a new entry about this here, but basically, I’ve decided not to run any races till my new training is complete. And for now, I’ll aim at the races available sometime at the end of July, in August or early September before the Boston Marathon Registration opens.

[Update] 2015.02.07

The 2015 Surf City Marathon came and went. I ran but didn’t make the Boston Marathon qualification time. It was not that I ran slower than 3:15:00 but that I got injured during the race as I talked about here. It’s time to put that behind me and move on to the next race. And at the moment, I am considering the SLO (San Luis Obispo) Marathon on April 26.

[Update] 2014.11.02

Due to the injury in my left foot, plantar fasciitis, since late September 2014, there has been a detour in training for the Boston Marathon. Regrettably, I was not even able to run the Long Beach Marathon. And healing the injury has been my focus before resuming training. However, meantime, I have already registered for the 2015 Surf City Marathon, which is happening on February 1, 2015. My goal is to recover from this injury in time for training and achieve my qualifying time at the race.

I was hoping that it would be next year, but as the registration for the next year already came and went and the Long Beach Marathon that I am currently training for as a Boston Marathon qualifier takes place on October 12th, so I have no choice but training for the 2016 race.

I ran my first full marathon in 2010 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Prior to that, I ran a half marathon in the same Duke City in 2009 and a 10K in Toronto, Canada in 2008. So, I do not have an extensive record of races that I could say that I ran, but I always liked running, and it seemed to me that running was kind of a sport that I could get better if I keep at it.

Since I am in early 40s, according to the Boston Marathon Qualifying Standard, my age bracket is 40-44, and I must run under 3hrs 15min 00sec. Since the BAA lets the faster runner register first once the registration opens in September each year, technically the faster I run, the better chance I get to qualify. So, my focus is to keep my pace under a certain time, which overall will reflect towards the total run time. I am keeping track of each training session to see the progress I make first hand and my hope is that I make necessary improvements to step closer to complete my dream run at the Boston Marathon.

If you are already a long distance runner and want to encourage me and watch me reach my goal, drop a line. If you’re considering to give jab at running a half marathon or a full, join me for the training. You’ll be surprised what we can do collectively.


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