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5th Week of 20-Week Training and 14 Miles

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Another week went by, and it marks that the quarter of 20-week training period is now gone. A variety of training filled the past week, starting with the arrivals of the new Asics Kayano 21 running shoes – interval running for speed and strength, 4-6 miles of endurance building and lastly the long run. Plenty to talk about. Read More…


3rd Week of 20-Week Training and EIR (Exercise-Induced Rhinitis)

Boston marathon, sunset, 12 miles, Exercise-Induced Rhinitis, Fartlek, interval runs,

The 3rd week came and went so quickly that it felt like as if it never came. But it certainly did, because I was able to rack up 40 miles, largely thanks to the last Monday’s 11 miler. And I was able to finish the week by running the scheduled 12 miles, regardless of how tired my legs were at about the 10.3 mile mark. So, it came, and I did my runs, and now that it’s gone, I am looking forward to this week’s training. Read More…

6 Hills Interval Runs (220 yards at 5K w/ 1-2 Minute Breaks)

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It was an interval run day. Run 220 yards (or 0.125 miles) uphill at 5K pace, 6 times. And in between take a 1-2 minute break. It was quite a challenge in that I could feel that my heart rate was reaching the threshold. Also known as lactate threshold workout. My calves and quads were very tight as I ran up the hill as if I was being chased by zombies. Read More…