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Week 13: Boston Marathon Registration and 4th of July Celebration

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What a week. A couple of major things to celebrate. The Boston Athletic Association announced last Wednesday (July 1st) that the Registration for the 2016 Boston Marathon opens September 14 (Monday) as I expected, which means the Ventura Marathon (9/13) is in. Now, it is official that I have two shots at getting qualified for the prestigious race – the Santa Rosa and the Ventura. And I was invited to celebrate the Independence Day with some of my hiking friends yesterday. Read More…


500 Miles

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I reached a small milestone today. 500 miles! Of course, my goal for this year is to run 1,100 miles, so it means only 45% of the total mileage, and another 600 more miles to run to achieve my goal, but as a matter of fact, I am sticking to my 20-week program, and based on the amount of mileage that I am supposed to run with it, I’ll probably achieve my goal early September, if not, before the Boston Marathon Registration opens. I am pumped up and going to keep the momentum going to successfully complete this program! And the end result is the Boston Marathon qualification. Read More…

Month in Review – April

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Time flies! It really does. The month of April came and went, and it is time to review how it went down in terms of training. The month of April was special in that 5 weeks of the pre-training finally came to an end. As it did, the 20-week training program also began, and what that meant was that the mileage on every other weekend would slowly increase and that it was time to see how well the previous 5 weeks were spent. Read More…

Month in Review – March

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So, here we are again. That time of the month. Last day of March 2015. I ran the last run of the month earlier, and the tally is in. 98.67 miles. Well, it is 1.33 miles shy of 100 miles in total, when I was actually scheduled to run 128 miles. What’s not included in here though is 20 plus miles of hiking distance that I racked up last Saturday. Of course, it wasn’t even trail running, so it was just that, but at least, it involved about 6,000 feet of elevation gain and I’d like to think that it benefited my lungs more than not. Read More…

Pre-Training and 2016 Boston Qualifiers

The training for the last two weeks has been okay. Could’ve been better, but I haven’t been able to keep up with the schedule because of in part long hours at work for the last couple of weeks, which totally drained my desire to put my gear on and step out for the scheduled runs, and in part the great hike to San Jacinto Peak that I did last Saturday (you can read all about it here), but usually a hike like that involves a long drive both ways and my lower back is a wreck by the time I get home, and of course, last Saturday wasn’t an exception. Read More…

Another Injury. Another Setback.

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This rather came as a surprise. Although I knew it was there, I didn’t think that it would become an injury that ended up sidelining me. Again. It was the inflammation of the plantar fascia, which caused a bit of heel pain. At least, it is minor, and I know how to remedy this.

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Back to Basics

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After the (literally) painful result at the Surf City Marathon, even during a whole week of resting (as in no training whatsoever), my mind was quite restless. While part of me anxiously wanted to get back into training by the end of the past week, in terms of choosing a race to run, my thoughts were all over the place. However, I knew I wanted to choose a race that would give me at least a couple of months of time to train (and hopefully it is enough time for my inured left knee to heal, although I do not believe that the pain would persist after the initial inflammation that now has completely subsided). At first, the SLO (San Luis Obispo) Marathon on April 26 and the OC Marathon on May 3 caught my eye.

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