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Week 18: Hill Running, Recovery and Tapering

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Since last Sunday’s Ventura Marathon training run, I feel more relaxed and less anxious about the upcoming races, which is a great thing. However, the training run was so taxing on my body, this whole week was sort of spent on recovery, which is still continuing, in fact. It took almost 2 days for my legs to function normally. Now that the Santa Rosa Marathon is only 2 weeks away, it is time to concentrate on tapering. Read More…


Month in Review – May: Endurance Building and Speed Training

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The month of May meant endurance and speed training. As I look back, it swung by so fast that it felt like it disappeared in a blink of an eye. But as fast-paced as it came and went, I am glad that the progress that I made was not insignificant – laying down another layer of solid foundation called endurance. And the cool temperature helped in a great deal. Read More…

Fartlek 2, 3, 4, 3, 2 w/ 2:30 easy 10K

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As the 2nd week began, it was time to apply the techniques. And the first to go was Fartlek. I looked into several different blogs and checked out a few websites regarding Fartlek training, and the suggestion on How to Run a Fartlek Workout from the Runner’s Resource seemed easy to follow through. Read More…

1st Week of 20-Week Training and VDOT O2

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I ended the first week of the 20-week training with 7 consecutive days of running and a tally of 41.68 miles. I racked up 8 more miles than I was scheduled because of the extra 8 miles last Monday. However, I think that the conviction of the Boston bombing suspect made the past week more interesting than anything else. I am sure many feel that it is finally over and that now we can move on and cheer on the runners at this year’s Boston Marathon next Monday (April 20). Read More…

Month in Review – March

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So, here we are again. That time of the month. Last day of March 2015. I ran the last run of the month earlier, and the tally is in. 98.67 miles. Well, it is 1.33 miles shy of 100 miles in total, when I was actually scheduled to run 128 miles. What’s not included in here though is 20 plus miles of hiking distance that I racked up last Saturday. Of course, it wasn’t even trail running, so it was just that, but at least, it involved about 6,000 feet of elevation gain and I’d like to think that it benefited my lungs more than not. Read More…

Fartlek Run and Daniels’ Running Formula

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Fartlek had to come in the picture.

When I decided to work with the new training program, I was quite excited about the new challenges and the new possibilities.

But my right foot injury occurred. Since then, I’ve been anxiously waiting for the plantar fasciitis to lapse. Although it is mild, and as much as I want to get the training started, I didn’t want to take a chance. So, I haven’t even walked to work like I did before when my left foot in a worse shape. Part of me figured that my right foot could use rest while not walking at all. Read More…