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Week 15: Disappointing Week – Work, Morning Runs, Heat and Sauna with Rain Drops

training, clouds, after rain, morning, the sun

During another busy week at work, I was hoping that I had time to run as scheduled, but it didn’t go as well as I wished. At least, the whole week of overcast mornings helped to a degree.  After the Saturday’s short run followed by a delightful downpour, today (Sunday) the sun came out early in the morning, which made the long run almost impossible for me to continue and forced me to cut it short. I tried again in the evening to make up for it but instead I found myself running soaking wet, worse than earlier, as if I was running inside a wet sauna. Read More…


Recovery run – 6.37 miles

It was time to see if my sprained ankle was healed enough to take on challenge.


I stepped out with a new pair of shoes on – Salomon SpeedCross 3. They are trail running shoes, actually quite popular among trail runners (and well reviewed). I decided on the aspect that they are light and that I can wear them for hiking (and I am considering for backpacking as well at the moment), like a couple of hiking friends do as well as other hikers I ran into on the trail. And not too long ago what this particular hiker with whom I conversed about them said cemented my decision. She felt so comfortable in them that she actually ran a marathon in them. I was sold. Read More…

Dehydrated – 13.06 Miles

The view from the Venice Beach Boardwalk was awesome.

photo 1

But don’t let the awesome view fool you for the rising temperature. It is certainly cooler by the beach. But toward 12 and 13 mile marks, which is about 4 miles away from the beach, it got too hot for me, and I had to cut it short. Disappointing. Very. Read More…