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Month in Review – May: Endurance Building and Speed Training

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The month of May meant endurance and speed training. As I look back, it swung by so fast that it felt like it disappeared in a blink of an eye. But as fast-paced as it came and went, I am glad that the progress that I made was not insignificant – laying down another layer of solid foundation called endurance. And the cool temperature helped in a great deal. Read More…


7th Week of 20-Week Training and Running After Dark

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This week has been very cooperative in terms of weather. The temperature stayed cool mostly throughout the week. As the days are getting longer, the sun is still up even after my long days at work. So it was nice to have a cooler temperature to run. And because this past weekend was another long run weekend, part of me was a bit anxious about it, so I mostly focused on endurance building throughout the week leading up to it. Read More…

6th Week of 20-Week Training, Rain and Glutes

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What a week! On the workfront, a couple of long days at work somehow made the entire week feel like never-ending. And the downpour that came and got us all excited about last Thursday meant that I was not able to do my usual evening run. But that is not how the past week went down at the end. Read More…

5th Week of 20-Week Training and 14 Miles

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Another week went by, and it marks that the quarter of 20-week training period is now gone. A variety of training filled the past week, starting with the arrivals of the new Asics Kayano 21 running shoes – interval running for speed and strength, 4-6 miles of endurance building and lastly the long run. Plenty to talk about. Read More…