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6 Hills Interval Runs (220 yards at 5K w/ 1-2 Minute Breaks)

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It was an interval run day. Run 220 yards (or 0.125 miles) uphill at 5K pace, 6 times. And in between take a 1-2 minute break. It was quite a challenge in that I could feel that my heart rate was reaching the threshold. Also known as lactate threshold workout. My calves and quads were very tight as I ran up the hill as if I was being chased by zombies. Read More…


1st Week of 20-Week Training and VDOT O2

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I ended the first week of the 20-week training with 7 consecutive days of running and a tally of 41.68 miles. I racked up 8 more miles than I was scheduled because of the extra 8 miles last Monday. However, I think that the conviction of the Boston bombing suspect made the past week more interesting than anything else. I am sure many feel that it is finally over and that now we can move on and cheer on the runners at this year’s Boston Marathon next Monday (April 20). Read More…

So It Began

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What a week! The workload kept building. The stress was mounting. And there was 31 miles to run after work. The first week of the about-3-weeks-delayed 4-week pre-training period! And I wanted to stick to the program. Read More…

Fartlek Run and Daniels’ Running Formula

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Fartlek had to come in the picture.

When I decided to work with the new training program, I was quite excited about the new challenges and the new possibilities.

But my right foot injury occurred. Since then, I’ve been anxiously waiting for the plantar fasciitis to lapse. Although it is mild, and as much as I want to get the training started, I didn’t want to take a chance. So, I haven’t even walked to work like I did before when my left foot in a worse shape. Part of me figured that my right foot could use rest while not walking at all. Read More…