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Painful Surf City Marathon

surf city marathon

Today was supposed to be the day when I put all my training to the test at the Surf City Marathon. Today was supposed to be the day when I would find out if I was fast enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon. And everything went as planned. Until the last minute when the race began, that is. But I was able to manage that. However, it turned out that I wasn’t meant to make my dream a reality today. Read More…


Tapering before Surf City Marathon

surf city marathon

Since my last longest run before the Surf City Marathon last Monday, I’ve been taking it easy, running only up to 9 miles for long runs this week. Actually, I planned to run another 17 miler yesterday (Sunday) but ended up running only just under 9 miles. I had gone to the gym the day before and because it had been close to a week since last time I went in, my upper body was quite sore. I could tell my body didn’t recover from it at all. Read More…

Cadence, cadence, cadence


Increasing my cadence. That’s what I’ve been focusing on this week. I actually purchased a Garmin Foot Pod and a Garmin Forerunner 310XT watch. I’d been looking to buy one but was not sure which one to buy, and in the light of discovering what increasing cadence really meant, I referred to a few sites and concluded that this particular model would serve the purpose very well at a modest budget. Read More…

Easy Thanksgiving Day Run with Strides


I am thankful for the fact that I’ve recovered from plantar fasciitis and can run without having relapses. I must say though that I can run long miles and do strenuous hikes with sole support. I walked in sandals along the beach in Malibu last Sunday and my left foot was having very slight discomfort in 20 minutes, which showed that, without good sole support, my left foot is not healed enough to take on even a short stroll. Read More…

3 mile recovery run on day of 2014 NYC Marathon


I had a feeling that I could run. And I wanted to run. It was a recovery run time. At least 2-3 miles, I told myself.

The temperature has dropped due to the rain Friday night, so I decided not to go hiking Saturday morning while giving my left foot more time to rest. So, part of me wanted to make up for the lack of outdoor exercise and also to see where it is at in terms of my left foot’s recovery progress. Like I noted in the previous post, it has been already over a month since the injury occurred, and as a matter of fact, I have seen a gradual recovery progress, including the recent 10 minute runs on the treadmill. But I couldn’t hold it back any longer. It was time to put it to the test. In the street. Even just for 3 miles. Read More…

Progress report


The Long Beach Marathon came and went last Sunday. It was quite disappointing that I helplessly had to sit out of the race although I even went down to the Long Beach Convention Center to pick up my bib and a t-shirt the day before. As I wrote it in the previous post, the reality was that my left foot was hurting. Read More…

No Long Beach Marathon

photo 2

It is quite disappointing to say the least that I won’t be able to run the Long Beach Marathon tomorrow. The more I tried, the less likely it seems that I could handle any more than several feet, sadly.  I can walk now without limping, but the truth is that I cannot put weight on the forefoot. Read More…