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Dehydrated – 13.06 Miles

The view from the Venice Beach Boardwalk was awesome.

photo 1

But don’t let the awesome view fool you for the rising temperature. It is certainly cooler by the beach. But toward 12 and 13 mile marks, which is about 4 miles away from the beach, it got too hot for me, and I had to cut it short. Disappointing. Very. Read More…


Labor Day Weekend Run – 17 miles


The 3-day Labor Day weekend is here, which means one can use that extra day to catch upon anything he/she has been waiting to. And I know that some of my friends have gone out of town traveling and exploring in the wilderness. For me it is time to enjoy a long run, a long hike and a day of relaxing (although part of me keeps telling me that I should go do strength training) as well as prepping for an upcoming backpacking trip in 2 weeks. Read More…

Pocket Fuel is here – 6.48 Miles

Pocket Fuel has arrived!

One of my favorite topics – energy gels! Based on quick research, Pocket Fuel is one of the favorite energy gels of either runners, trail runner or endurance sports athletes, such as triathletes and cyclists. Ben from BenGreenfeldFitness.com, which is one of the blogs that I came across not too long ago, talks about 12 fat-based alternatives to popular sugar-based sports energy gels out there, and Pocket Fuel definitely stood out.

pocket fuel  1 Read More…