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Beginning of 20-week training

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The past week was the last week of the 5-week Pre-Training period. And I was scheduled to end it with the last 8 mile run. Instead I did a strenuous 18 plus mile San Gorgonio hike via Vivian Creek past Saturday. Mother nature was very kind to us and once again I was on cloud nine. After the hike, however, many parts of my body were quite sore (and I blame it on irregular strength training), and I concluded that rest would do my body good, so I decided to take yesterday (Sunday) off.  Read More…


Month in Review – March

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So, here we are again. That time of the month. Last day of March 2015. I ran the last run of the month earlier, and the tally is in. 98.67 miles. Well, it is 1.33 miles shy of 100 miles in total, when I was actually scheduled to run 128 miles. What’s not included in here though is 20 plus miles of hiking distance that I racked up last Saturday. Of course, it wasn’t even trail running, so it was just that, but at least, it involved about 6,000 feet of elevation gain and I’d like to think that it benefited my lungs more than not. Read More…

Pre-Training and 2016 Boston Qualifiers

The training for the last two weeks has been okay. Could’ve been better, but I haven’t been able to keep up with the schedule because of in part long hours at work for the last couple of weeks, which totally drained my desire to put my gear on and step out for the scheduled runs, and in part the great hike to San Jacinto Peak that I did last Saturday (you can read all about it here), but usually a hike like that involves a long drive both ways and my lower back is a wreck by the time I get home, and of course, last Saturday wasn’t an exception. Read More…

So It Began

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What a week! The workload kept building. The stress was mounting. And there was 31 miles to run after work. The first week of the about-3-weeks-delayed 4-week pre-training period! And I wanted to stick to the program. Read More…

Fartlek Run and Daniels’ Running Formula

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Fartlek had to come in the picture.

When I decided to work with the new training program, I was quite excited about the new challenges and the new possibilities.

But my right foot injury occurred. Since then, I’ve been anxiously waiting for the plantar fasciitis to lapse. Although it is mild, and as much as I want to get the training started, I didn’t want to take a chance. So, I haven’t even walked to work like I did before when my left foot in a worse shape. Part of me figured that my right foot could use rest while not walking at all. Read More…