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Recovery – Kinesiology Tape, Compression Sock and Night Splint

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After the injury plagued debacle followed by the emotionally disappointing and yet self-assured smart decision of suspending the training last weekend, I took the early part of the week completely off to see how my feet were doing. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t do anything in terms of getting this recovery progressing.

In fact, a couple of items that I purchased arrived in the mail, and it turned out that quite a pleasant surprise exceeded my expectations in terms of home remedy. Now I am quite looking forward to the full recovery of my right foot from plantar fasciitis and left leg from shin splint. Read More…


Not So Great Pace and Stride Length, and 1,100 Mile Goal

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Today was a bit of disappointing day, in terms of pace and stride length. Because I had such a great run the other day, and actually it was probably the best pace and time I ever had, I was really hoping to see my average stride length go up and my pace stay brisk. Read More…

IT Band and Hip Flexor Stretches and Christmas Eve Short Run


Past Sunday (12/21), which was a rest day, I did some stretching along with my usual strength training (planks, pushups and crunches). Because I had been slacking off on the strength training, I wanted to get back to it, and I did.  Read More…

Recovery progress report #2


I’ve been focusing on healing my left foot for quite some time now. And today actually marked exactly a month, since I got injured. Of course, I started seeing a significant improvement over 1 1/2 weeks ago, but I didn’t want to rush anything. Part of me was not convinced that my foot was really ready to hit the pavement, and as I wrote it in the previous post, being able to run on the treadmill at a slower pace wasn’t good enough. However, walking up and down the stairs seemed fine. So, I decided to go hiking this past Saturday – Skyline Trail. Read More…

Progress report


The Long Beach Marathon came and went last Sunday. It was quite disappointing that I helplessly had to sit out of the race although I even went down to the Long Beach Convention Center to pick up my bib and a t-shirt the day before. As I wrote it in the previous post, the reality was that my left foot was hurting. Read More…

Morning Run – 6.52 Miles and Strength Training

Another morning run day. I was going to run 8 miles, but the plan changed at the last minute due to the fact that I got up a bit late. Also, I would have not made it home in time for the scheduled maintenance in my apartment if I did run 8 miles. So, I cut my run short, but unfortunately, the maintenance guys never showed up.


However, I am rather pleased about the average pace of 7:20. Frankly, as I started running, I didn’t feel like my body got enough rest. But the average pace turned out to be better than yesterday’s. And it definitely is under 7:26, which is my ultimate goal to be qualified for the Boston Marathon. Read More…

Strength Training

Now I know where I stand in terms of how far I am in order to qualify for the Boston Marathon, I’ve started looking at my training from a more methodical and structured way. Of course, my training still involves many miles on weekly basis, but in order to run faster I must spend my rest time on nonimpact cross-training or strength building workouts. Read More…