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IT Band and Hip Flexor Stretches and Christmas Eve Short Run


Past Sunday (12/21), which was a rest day, I did some stretching along with my usual strength training (planks, pushups and crunches). Because I had been slacking off on the strength training, I wanted to get back to it, and I did.  Read More…


18 Miler and Strength Training Results


It was a 18 mile run day. And I really prepared all day for this run. Of course, my backpacking trip next week, leaving tomorrow morning, made me busy all day as well (researching the trails, downloading maps and gpx files, and also prepping meals for at least 4 days, possibly 5 days). So, it was quite a busy day. But, I consciously focused on the amount of carbs that I was taking since last night. I made sure that I ate a lot. And also the energy gels right before and during the run. Every 15 minutes. Read More…

Morning Run – 6.52 Miles and Strength Training

Another morning run day. I was going to run 8 miles, but the plan changed at the last minute due to the fact that I got up a bit late. Also, I would have not made it home in time for the scheduled maintenance in my apartment if I did run 8 miles. So, I cut my run short, but unfortunately, the maintenance guys never showed up.


However, I am rather pleased about the average pace of 7:20. Frankly, as I started running, I didn’t feel like my body got enough rest. But the average pace turned out to be better than yesterday’s. And it definitely is under 7:26, which is my ultimate goal to be qualified for the Boston Marathon. Read More…

Monthly Recap

It is time to recap the monthly progress as we’re going into the Labor Day weekend, which marks the end of Training Week 4 (of the total of 10 weeks). It means now I have 6 weeks left to the October 12 race day.

In terms of recapping the progress, this is one of the reasons why I like MapMyRun. Of course, I am sure that other smartphone apps and its associated websites offer similar features (such as Nike+ comes into mind), but like I noted in the beginning of my blog, I had been a long time MapMyRun user even before smartphone apps have become as ubiquitous as what they are today. I’ve been a MapMyRun member since August 2, 2007. And I’ve seen how these OS app and its companion apps, such as MapMyRide, MapMyHike, MapMyWalk, MapMyFitness, have made their progresses. In a better way, of course. Read More…

Sunset Run – 15.27 miles


Today’s run brought a mixture of many different thoughts. It is certainly an interesting point in this process (of training for the Long Beach Marathon in the short run) but also what’s going on outside of the training. As I hinted a couple of times in the previous posts, I am an avid hiker, more like addicted to it, and hiking long miles every weekend has become an integral part of my being. Read More…

Hetzler Stairs Of Hell aka Culver City Stairs

This training was scheduled for yesterday evening, but I had to work late, so I didn’t have enough time to pull this off before it got dark out. If I really wanted to do it last night, I would’ve had to put my headlamp on. And I would have been running the stairs up and down in the dark and would have injured myself. Hence, I decided to get up a bit early this morning and it turned out to be a smart decision.

Screenshot 2014-08-22 21.06.56

First, I ran over to Baldwin Hills. It was a short and easy run. I didn’t want to run fast  because I knew walking up the stairs would demand a bit of stamina and I didn’t want to exhaust myself even before I started it. Read More…

Strength Training

Now I know where I stand in terms of how far I am in order to qualify for the Boston Marathon, I’ve started looking at my training from a more methodical and structured way. Of course, my training still involves many miles on weekly basis, but in order to run faster I must spend my rest time on nonimpact cross-training or strength building workouts. Read More…