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Week 15: Disappointing Week – Work, Morning Runs, Heat and Sauna with Rain Drops

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During another busy week at work, I was hoping that I had time to run as scheduled, but it didn’t go as well as I wished. At least, the whole week of overcast mornings helped to a degree.¬† After the Saturday’s short run followed by a delightful downpour, today (Sunday) the sun came out early in the morning, which made the long run almost impossible for me to continue and forced me to cut it short. I tried again in the evening to make up for it but instead I found myself running soaking wet, worse than earlier, as if I was running inside a wet sauna. Read More…


Week 10 – Motivation, Challenges and Bounce Back

Baldwin hill entrance, interval running, interval hill running, hill running, lactate threshold, 220 yards, shower, sprinkles, overcast, cloudy, after work, view of mountains across LA, crazy clouds, ominous, rainy, pouring rain somewhere,

This past week had some challenges. One of those days when the level of self-motivation hits the bottom snuck up on me in the middle of the week. It was heavily influenced by the serious long day at work, and even though I bounced right back up and caught up with the next day’s mileage, the pressure on keeping up with the weekly mileage was mounting. Read More…

Week in Review

surf city marathon 2015, registration confirmation,

Another weekend. Another long run. And today’s run was 19 miles. As of today, the Surf City Marathon is 3 weeks away, and it leaves¬†me with only 2 long weekend runs. The Surf City Marathon sent out the registration confirmation emails to all the registrants this week. Read More…