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Week 13: Boston Marathon Registration and 4th of July Celebration

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What a week. A couple of major things to celebrate. The Boston Athletic Association announced last Wednesday (July 1st) that the Registration for the 2016 Boston Marathon opens September 14 (Monday) as I expected, which means the Ventura Marathon (9/13) is in. Now, it is official that I have two shots at getting qualified for the prestigious race – the Santa Rosa and the Ventura. And I was invited to celebrate the Independence Day with some of my hiking friends yesterday. Read More…


Week in Review

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Another weekend. Another long run. And today’s run was 19 miles. As of today, the Surf City Marathon is 3 weeks away, and it leaves me with only 2 long weekend runs. The Surf City Marathon sent out the registration confirmation emails to all the registrants this week. Read More…

Easy 7 mile run and Energy Gels

Today’s run was an easy 7 mile run, and I seriously tried not to run fast.

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Especially now that I know that I need to run a lot faster, it is very critical to utilize any possible means to improve my running. I came across Marathon Pace Calculator at WalkJogRun.net, and when I input the last 14 miler results, it predicted my finish time for the marathon distance to be 3:41:30 at the pace of 8:27 per mile. Read More…