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Sitton Peak is easy, fun and blissful

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Yesterday with a couple of hiking/trail running friends, I ventured out to Ortega mountain. Destination: Sitton Peak in Cleveland National Forest! As I am getting into trail running without any reservation as part of injury recovery process (easy on my joints) and benefits from running uphills (interval uphill run), I took my time hiking and trail running up Bear Canyon Trail to Sitton Peak. Read More…


Week 10 – Motivation, Challenges and Bounce Back

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This past week had some challenges. One of those days when the level of self-motivation hits the bottom snuck up on me in the middle of the week. It was heavily influenced by the serious long day at work, and even though I bounced right back up and caught up with the next day’s mileage, the pressure on keeping up with the weekly mileage was mounting. Read More…

Month in Review – March

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So, here we are again. That time of the month. Last day of March 2015. I ran the last run of the month earlier, and the tally is in. 98.67 miles. Well, it is 1.33 miles shy of 100 miles in total, when I was actually scheduled to run 128 miles. What’s not included in here though is 20 plus miles of hiking distance that I racked up last Saturday. Of course, it wasn’t even trail running, so it was just that, but at least, it involved about 6,000 feet of elevation gain and I’d like to think that it benefited my lungs more than not. Read More…